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Celine Dion: Avec toi

Descends de ton fil toi l'artiste heureux toi le doux pierrotC'est tout un autre monde que tu vois a tout regarder d'en hautNon je ne suis pas la princesse en bleu de ton bois dormantTu le vois je sui...

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Celine Dion: Aun existe amor

Cuando te adormeces juanto a mi Entonces , no me quedan dudas De que aun existe amor La indecision que hat en mi Yo la mandare a la luna Para vivir contigo La soledad de ...

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Celine Dion: Any other way

Sorry I know I'm late Guess I lost all track of time Started walking and couldn't stop Turning it over in my mind Trying to make some sense of it Trying to make the pieces fit...

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Celine Dion: Another year has gone by

So many 25th's of DecemberJust as many 4th of July'sAnd we're still holding it togetherIt only comes down to you and II know you can still rememberThings we said right from the startWhen we said that ...

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Celine Dion: And then one day

Et puis un jour on s'aimeEt c'est un autre mondeLe décor est le m?meMais on ne voit plus d'ombreEt puis un jour on chanteBien plus fort que jamais? faire pleurer les anges? calmer les for?tsOn ...

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Celine Dion: Amazing grace

Amazing Grace! how sweet the soundThat saved a wretch like meI once was lost, but not am foundWas blind but now I see'Twas grace that taught my heart to fearAnd grace my fears relievedHow precious did...

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Celine Dion: Amar haciendo el amor

To Love While Making Love Sola en mi silencio andaba en la ciudadEl calor de tu mirada me hizo despertarDe ese largo sueno de esa soledadCaminar junto a tu lado era naturalAlone in my silence wal...

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Celine Dion: Alone

1. I hear the ticking of the clockI'm lying here the room's pitch darkI wonder where you are tonightNo answer on the telephoneAnd the night goes by so very slowOh I hope that it won't end thoughAloneR...

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Celine Dion: All the way

When somebody loves youIt's no good unless he loves you - all the wayHappy to be near you When you need someone to cheer you - all the wayTaller than the tallest tree isThat's how it's got to fee...

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Celine Dion: All coming back to me now

There were nights when the wind was so coldThat my body froze in bed if I justListened to it right outside the windowThere were days when the sun was so cruelThat all the tears turned to dust and I ju...

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