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Alicia Keys: Every lilttle bit hurts

Every little bit hurts,Every little bit hurts..Every night I cry,every night I sigh,every night I wonder whyyou treat me cold,yet you won't let me go.every little hurt counts,every little hurt counts,...

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Alicia Keys: Dragon days

Ooh baby oohLike a dazzle in the stress, I'm stressing youMy castle became my dungeon, cause I'm longin for youFeelin strong for yaYour my night of shining armorSee your face in the silver moonOh over...

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Alicia Keys: Doesn't mean anything

Used to dream of being a millionaire, without a careBut if I’m seeing my dreams and you aren’t there’Cause it’s overThat just won't be fair, darlingRather be a poor woman livin...

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Alicia Keys: Distance and time

You are always on my mindall I do is count the dayswhere are you now?I know I never let you downI will never go awayI really wish that you'd stay but what can we doall the days that you've been gone I...

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Alicia Keys: Diary

Lay your head on my pillowHere you can be yourselfNo one has to know what you are feelin'No one but me and youI won't tell your secretsYour secrets are safe with meI will keep your secretsJust think o...

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Alicia Keys: Dah dee dah (sexy thing)

Dah dee dah, dah dah dah dee dah.Sexy thing, I can do anything, cuz constantly (Constantly)I'm think of how to get you next to me (Next to me)Maybe it's their playing your mentality (Ohh) Ooh...Dah de...

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Alicia Keys: Caged bird

Right now I feel like a birdCaged without a keyEveryone comes to stare at meWith so much joy and rivalryThey din't know how I feel insideThrough my smile I cryThey don't know what they're doin' to meK...

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Alicia Keys: Butterflyz

HuMmMmM......Lately when I look into your eyesBaby I fly, your the only one I need in my lifeBaby I just don't know how to describe,How lovely you make me feel insideYou give me butterflyzHave me flyi...

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Alicia Keys: Brotha (remix)

[Angie Stone]Alicia Keys, on the remix, roll with Collangi for life[Alicia Keys]Yeah, ha ha[Angie Stone]Alicia[Alicia Keys]Say what Angie?[Angie Stone]Eve[Alicia Keys]Come on Angie[Angie Stone]Roll wi...

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Alicia Keys: feat Ft. Jack - Another way to die

Another ringer with the slick trigger finger from Her MajestyAnother one with the golden tongue poisoning your fantasyAnother bill from a killer turned a thriller to a tragedyYeah!A door left openA wo...

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