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Enrique Iglesias : Cuando me enamoro

Si pudiera bajarte una estrella del cielolo haria sin pensarlo dos vecesporque te quiero, ayy hasta un luceroY si tuviera el naufragio de un sentimientoseria un velero en la islade tus deseos, de tus ...

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Enrique Iglesias : Could i have this kiss forever

Over and over I look in your eyesyou are all I desireyou have captured meI want to hold youI want to be close to youI never want to let goI wish that this night would never endI need to knowCould I ha...

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Enrique Iglesias : Cosas del amor

Que me importa el Calvariosi amarte es sufrir,o que juegues con cartas marcadas.Lo que importa es las nochespasadas en ti,aunque a cambio me rompas el alma.?Que me importa la vida!?De que sirve vivirs...

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Enrique Iglesias : Contigo

Ay como extranode la forma que acaricias mi cuerpoAy como te siento por dentro!Ay como extranoaquel amor de dos seres humanos,y mil locuras que inventamosAy como extranotus gestos tus complejos t...

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Enrique Iglesias : Coming home

Sometimes I feel I'm going nowhereI'm moving but I just can't find the waySurrounded by a million facesThey all say, they're my best friendsTake another drink to hide the sorrowBut come the morning, n...

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Enrique Iglesias : Can you hear me

  I remember that I can still feel youSometimes Im blind but I see youYou are here but so far awayThe times when you wanna Im missing youMakes me feel like Im spinningSometimes you get what you ...

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Enrique Iglesias : California callin

Driving through the night, Tears are running down my face, I start to realise, all the things that i once said, I promised you the world It's nothing more than you deserve It's killing me inside,...

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Enrique Iglesias : Be yourself

Well I am what I am could be what you are. Is your pain when you smile cos you feel alone? And are you strong enough to be yourself?? Papa used to say "You're just a loser and you're never gonna h...

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Enrique Iglesias : Break me, shake me

OW! Ha haha ha ah... [x2] Anything you want, But never find the heart to leave me, Cause i need you too much So play your game but don't desert me, Maybe you heard i'm tough To love but baby pl...

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Enrique Iglesias : Be with you

Monday night I feel so low Count the hours they go so slow I know the sound of your voice Can save my soul City lights, streets of gold     Look out my windo to the world below M...

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