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Bar: 18Lounge

3-5 Presei Libere Square, Bucharest, City Gate South Tower, 18th floor
+40 733 501 401

"Whenever you see the word cuisine used instead of the word food, be prepared to pay an additional eighty percent."

   We'll not use the word cuisine, but we'll aspire to it. The entire concept is created so you can enjoy a refined, tasteful and modern experience at a fair price. And because modern is classic, the drinks, the food and wine are selected using the best ingredients with the best knowledge. That's why our chef, having more than 15 years of international expertise, selected from around the globe an old times favorites menu, matched with a wine selection created by one of the best sommelier in the country.
   When you talk to someone about different places, about their statements and the services offered, everybody reaches the same conclusion: "we'll talk after the first three months".
   It's like a test; and since we just began, we propose you to complete together our "three months test" by decently sharing to us your perceptions about the place.


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