Concert unearthly, and Melancholy Solnca Put in Question Mark on September 22, 2013

16 Septembrie 2013

Unearthly, Put Solnca si Melancholy

Cavalleria invites Events Sunday, September 22 Question Mark in concert with
Unearthly-black death metal from Brazil.Being considered one of the most notorious bands of black / death metal Brazilian unearthly started their career in 1998 until today boast an impressive discography besides incendiary live performances. The band is still on tour to promote her latest release, entitled flagellum Dei. Brazilian music can be described as a mixture of sharp and heavy riffs, the characteristic style of black / death sustained infernal blast / unearthly.officialAge of Chaos - The Messiah -
PUT SOLNCA - thrash death metal from Russia.Put Solnca (The Path of the Sun) back in Romania for the third time. Band's sound can be characterized by death / thrash with pagan influences more on the lyrics. For those who have not yet had the opportunity to see, Put Solnca is a band that sounds brutal form of 3 people originally from Moscow. In Russia, the band is seen as a mix of Soulfly, Motorhead and

Melancholy - fusion metal from Russia.Melancholy presents its experimental style, metal fusion named as being composed of multiple genres like doom, death, progressive and thrash. Formed in 1998, the Soviets launched far more material and boast touring with bands such as Lake of Tears, Paradise Lost, Moonspell, sadistic, / / / melancholyrussia
19:00Entry is 15 RON

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