News: Trooper reveals album cover and tracklist Atmosphere

19 Septembrie 2013

Trooper reveals album cover and tracklist Atmosphere

A month before the concert that will mark the release of Atmosphere , Trooper material reveals cover and tracklist :
01. Year of the Snake
02. Hatebook
03. HERE No Pass
April . School Cemetery
05. Day After Day (feat. Mihai Georgescu )
06. love The patient
07. Water Roots
08. Sun and Moon
09. I have time to waste
10 . In the Stars (Part II)
11 . Her steps (feat. Leo Iorga )
12 . Seize the Day
13 . Bonus : Mercy Killer (feat. Blaze Bayley )
" School Cemetery " is the first single from the album " Atmosphere " and the only ballad material contained in this studio. The video song released by Trooper on July 3 , recorded over 10,000 views in the course of one week .
And the bonus track " Mercy Killer " is the only collaboration of rock bands on stage in Romania with the legendary voice of the band Iron Maiden , from 1994 - 1999.

The release concert disc " Atmosphere , " is scheduled on October 19 at 20:00 at Turbohalle in Bucharest . The result of a work for two years, " Atmosphere " is the quintessence of everything that a rock band at the moment mature , experienced and also very fresh. 18 years experience of the five rockers , creativity , professionalism and resourcefulness constitutes strong argument the fact that " atmosphere " will be the album of the band both repertoire and for Romanian rock a peak moment . To release concert are already prepared a lot of surprises. So Be surprised by " atmosphere " created by Trooper .

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