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News: Shadowbox: Nobody wants to grow organically, all are the best

16 Septembrie 2013

Shadowbox: Nobody wants to grow organically, all are the best

Shadowbox has one of the best and most carefully performed musical productions for a band 's debut . How Could " work miracles " that?
Rares Bartos " culprit " is John Puzzle, and thanks to whom this way.
Razvan Ristea : We were very lucky to meet him Ionut Radu aka John Puzzle. He helped us a lot on the mix / master , came up with input and positive feedback from these parts , and somehow we fit super ok . In addition, the songs were based on cool ideas and even liked the pleasure to work on them.
 Biggie : that each member has a different musical background solid and made ​​this project to be special and that we feel very good when we meet at the rehearsal , we take as a relaxation, although much work involved .
 Codin Orăşeanu : Ionut Besides , the fact that we are very good , longer mattered and that I am Cancer and have a labrador . Aaaaaa , and there's more , Biggie can not help but return to this theme later.
What was before the shadowbox ?
Rares Bartos : I have played in a nu-metal band in the early 2000s , called Narkom , and a very short period in a metalcore band , Deviant .
 Razvan Ristea : Before shadowbox have been all sorts of attempts. Matthew told me in 2010 that he wants to make a hiphop project , I said that I would put instant schema Biggie knew the famous jam session at sites rehearsal on Batistei where repeated bands like Rain District, skull head and then Mediocracy , so everything began to act the way cool. For a while I had the guitar ( Mihnea Ferezan ) , but after a few months , the man decided to withdraw from the project. Rares he knew Silviu Badea a.k.a. Montgomery Clunk and asked him to try to do something together. That was a very , very cool . Then I began to build over the skeletons of songs from Shottle , Homegrown , Slappin 'It and all about when we change its name in shadowbox . I had a name before , we were not too interested in that aspect . I preferred to stay long in the room and we all play instruments and other toys . After a while, Silviu had to withdraw from the project , so he joined the band Codin via Biggie . His influences are more than Silviu 's , but it is even more interesting the more basically , we came to a somewhat improved and diversified shadowbox version . A kind of shadowbox 1.0 :)
 Biggie : Before shadowbox was more metal. I played with my brothers in Constanta in a project called Urban Protest ( we like to think at that time that we first metalcore band from us ) . We had a project where I was hardcore drummer called 16mm . After the period of metal and alcohol , there was a period of change in musical preferences . I started listening to other genres which , up to that point , do not listen , so I started and play other styles . I sang with a rap band The Bastards and other funk band Lazy whom I said , super super potential projects that were not completed .
Codin city boy : I do not know exactly where to start , though there are times immemorial. In short , I started to make music in the web, I was obsessed with the jungle and hip hop . Then , slowly , I found trip hop more feeling , more complex than musical structure , plus easier if you approach girls stories Massive Attack, Tricky , Portishead , The Orb , Cold Cut and so on. After trip hop , dub followed to me totally open horizons . Dub influenced me very much as a culture - militant , pensive . Also by putting music, I started to create different sounds that you used in parts or more parts . So I started to produce music. First sound design for film, then whole songs for various artists . Followed all sorts of musical projects with different people , but all fail. So I learned that teamwork is the hardest and the work done by your hand is called needlework .
Coming from different musical areas , there are art - divergent points in the band? What ?
Rares Bartos : Three of us come from different parts of the rock / metal , so here we fit well :)) In terms of hip -hop , we're all very familiar , so , in principle, are divergent on this side.
Razvan Ristea : I felt in a moment that there are divergent music between us , even though we come from different areas . Somehow managed to make a blend between the input of each of us and we really been pleased with the result.
Biggie : There are discussions often when I'm late for the gym , its kinda happened lately, but I have some amazing colleagues and this excuse me every time.
Codin Orăşeanu : First thank you for this question . I admit , do not stand on Biggie . Let me explain . Our room is near a Mega Image, how many are normal was hard not to be a Mega Image besides - are even more , seriously . Finally , the man when it comes to room buy :
7 cheese pies (one for each cica , he eats three)
3-4 cherry pies or what God give
4 donuts ( of those that if you take a breath teeth fall ICI )
2 bags of puffs ( these for Razvan )
Nothing unusual you say . Four people, a hearty lunch . But guess what ! I quietly eat my share of the pie with cheese and half stop, breathe. Biggie , each asking me " can not " or " Do you stop something" or , if you grab and finish the pie and demanded that one asks me " longer wanted too? Let's take a donut if you want . " How to explain , man worships you eat :)
 Thank you again for your question.
There are genres past / faded , some reinvented genres and new ones. How will each of you report to? Give me examples of each category.
Rares Bartos : Personally, I like all genres have lived life and have eaten a little cornmeal . Fashion revival of the musical fashion various styles believe killed much of the spirit of music . People focus more on production and sound , not to mention the picture ... and just forget the essentials which you convey what that music , feeling . On the other hand , what's more innovative in classical music styles ? The peak in rock or hiphop traditional , ie , to achieve long , now I think we are on a downward slope . We started out with the idea of ​​just not relate to any clear gender and rejected the idea of ​​restraint on music . We like each of us many things and basically play what comes and what we thought we sounded good .
Razvan Ristea : Withered seems the power metal or hard rock eighties . I do not like such bands Franz Ferdinand , if we talk about stuff reinvented . Prefer to listen to the real deal . As for the deal with new genres , nothing is really new .
Biggie : I think all the music and styles were found and no way you can come up with something completely new . What can reoccur now are combinations of existing styles and that's all . Now can make a difference in sound concrete Tiplea picture and good luck because there are thousands of bands who sing well but have not found the slice .
Codin city boy : really did not understand the power hippie . None of it. I thought that was all for nothing. Plus all hippies , led by the big combinations hippie came to have Virgin Records , Virgin Air , and so on . They were all the peace and love they gave up the money. Pharisees . From these new trends , most indie music I scratch his ears . It's music commercials around. You hear a song and think indie , a be on the soundtrack of Coca Cola or Dorna ?
As for the music , I think anything can appear new. Can someone come to reinvent the idea of ​​sound and melody . The postmodern world is hyper how far someone may appear to set fire to a forest and say it's mega musical project . What you have not heard harmony flames ?
What is artistic maturity ?
Rares Bartos : To realize your own limitations and yet you propose to overcome them and know not to waste your time feeling useless where you will not get anything.
 Razvan Ristea : I think this translates maturity necramponarea some misconceptions that you may damage the artist. You have to try things , to be open to new ideas and always have it in my head that " your ego is not your amigo " . You artistic maturity and interpersonal relationships that you have with the rest of the band .
 Biggie : musical maturity touch you 've been through a few projects that have not reached your expectations and be able to pass over them. Many times I wanted to quit music after some projects that fail after years of work given to them but I could not ... And a job , do not you think if you catch or if you do not know how much money genu.Trebuie other shit man you love to sing without any compromise.
Codin Orăşeanu : When , as saying Vexxatu cup , no rhyme " you" with " me" , that's vocal . For manufacturers and instrumentesti I have no idea . I think they should remain children forever. Just by playing childhood can create really when you're subjected to hardship and dogmas . Singer is the one who has to verbalize creative play , he is the one who , by definition, have to grow , learn a certain language , to know how to communicate with the public , be a grown man .
Choose your song from the repertoire of a shadowbox and describe a situation that I would potivi with it ( eg listening to Overcome a nocturnal urban cruising through a city unknown ) .
 Rares Bartos : Slappin 'it in a club with girls who have reached very soon 18 or 39 years.
 Razvan Ristea : Slappin 'it . I liked it the first time when I wrote it to the gym and I always figured it would go to a party or barbeque soundtrack to urban extreme sports competitions .
 Biggie : definitely my favorite piece is homegrown (not yet published , but some time playing in concerts) that are pro growing vegetables at home , go listen greenhouse or in a hammock.
 Codin city boy : I really like them all very much. I am tempted to give a description of each , but I try to stick to one . Perhaps "Take it for Granted " . It's a piece of the atmosphere and the message . Can not wait to listen to. we will let go as fast . John Puzzle is the chorus. I listen to it anytime Laying on the couch with a big anchor in hand looking lost through old archive photos.
Fill , please, sentence: Romania is music ...
Rares Bartos : ... sometimes.
Razvan Ristea ... good . You just have curiosity to look.
Biggie : ... generally bad for showing only garbage on TV , but in underground bands that give the original , such as Subcarpathian Norzeatic , White Walls , Luiza Zan , Coma , H8 etc ... There are also a lot of DJ house that are highly appreciated by us and especially outside .
Codin city boy : ..... good , but too good. Sometimes I feel like some artistic afraid to explore , settle for " this is me " .
What ( do you think ) is the main fear of an artist / musician novel?
Rares Bartos : singing in English :))
Razvan Ristea : Trust in what you do will help you get over the inevitable ups and downs that you have as a musician here .
Biggie : Is catch mess we made? Stuffing some Tzatzos some ass and perfect.
Codin Orăşeanu : to err . Everyone wants perfection NOW. Nobody wants to grow organically tosi are the best.
Their debut album ? When ? Where? Artists invited ?
Razvan Ristea : We jointly decided that there will be an album, but a series of four EPs that we'll get to a certain time of each other . EPs will be themed , multiple personalities somehow molded each of us 4 hahaha ;)
We will work further, still with John Puzzle, obviously, because we must not let him escape us . As guest artists , I think we decided that since the chapter .
Rares Bartos : For now , we plan four EPs , a new concept. We have 4 characters in graphic - novel genre , inspired by each band member with a overall story to bind them all. Now working on a concept story . Each EP will be somehow alter- ego illustration of one member .
Biggie : Coming soon. Next EP . Hopefully , in mid October.
Codin Orăşeanu : Four EPs is a project I am very much . It's more social material , soul and passion. I really do not mean when you get first . I do not want to rush it at all. It's a lot of work.

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