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News: Rednex MANFELLOW will open the concert in Hard Rock Cafe

24 Septembrie 2013

Rednex MANFELLOW will open the concert in Hard Rock Cafe

MANFELLOW , one of the most popular alternative rock bands in Romania , will open the concert Rednex of Hard Rock Cafe. MANFELLOW experienced a fulminant rise after winning in the fall of 2011 Global Battle of the Bands competition Romania , and was ranked second in the GBOB World Finals held in London in December 2012. In the summer of that year was the only band MANFELLOW Romanian presence at Exit Festival in Serbia.

On October 11 , MANFELLOW will heat the atmosphere Hard Rock Cafe in combination with influnte indie alternative rock and electro -pop that characterize . There will be the most popular tunes : "Why" , " Wake Up Call " and " Clouds . "

The fun continues with the hits "Cotton Eye Joe ", " Wish You Were Here , " "Hold Me For A While " and " Old Pop In An Oak " from the repertoire of the band Rednex .
Rednex made ​​headlines in the mid "90 with the song " Cotton Eye Joe " bulversand famous love story charts the rhythms country . Public meeting in Romania they are preparing a show " Unforgettable , with entertainment , dancing and a lot of memories , " which will definitely miss the songs that you have sung : " Wish You Were Here , " "Old Pop In An Oak "," The Spirit Of The Hawk ", etc.
Rednex was launched in 1994 and has enjoyed a stunning success thanks to the idea of ​​dance rhythms translate the song " Cotton Eye Joe " . The song held the top position in the European charts and overseas peaked at position 25 of Billboard . In Germany Rednex impact was overwhelming band and currently holding the record for most number of weeks at No. 1 on the stack of singles.
Rednex concert scheduled for October 11 at Hard Rock Cafe tickets are on sale from the following categories :
Category I - 150 lei - place at the table in front of the stageCategory II - 90 lei - seat at the table in roomCategory III - 60 lei - no place

Tickets are available in all BILETOO network . Items for sale can be found at Unirea Shopping Center ( ground floor, entrance next to McDonald's ) , Truth and Eminescu bookstores , shops Diverta Flanco , Victoria , Music , Cinema Patria , Royal Palace , National Palace of Children and Hard Rock Cafe. Those who want to order online , can do the www.Biletoo.ro , www.blt.ro , www.myticket.ro and www.bilete.ro . For all ticket table reservation is made by phone directly at the Hard Rock Cafe. * For photos of the meet & greet session each person is asked to have their own camera.

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