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News: Overcome shadowbox launches music video

19 Septembrie 2013

Overcome shadowbox launches music video

Overcome shadowbox band launches music video , which is part of the song EP " The Hidden Elements " appeared on June 15, 2013 . EP also contains 2 pieces in collaboration with hip hop artist Chemistry , " Shott " and " turned " plus the song " Slappin 'it ' .
"I think that is one of the few pieces Overcome the Romanian language sounds as good (or even better ) as English. With the advent shadowbox can talk , finally , by electronic , rock and rapcore Romanian as there was never done in this space . In fact, any words meant to describe shadowbox 's musical construction seem barren and can not exceed the level of enthusiasm from the expression : "Hey , that sounds good ! " - Bogdan Serban , producer Guerrila - Guerrilla Radio .

Overcome - youtube link : http://tinyurl.com/od5f6eb
Audio Production - shadowbox . Mix & Master - John Puzzle
Video Production - Videocore ( www.facebook.com / Videocore.ro )
Filming carried out at production workshop
Shadowbox ( www.facebook.com / shadowboxbandrap ) is a live band formed in Bucharest in 2012, bringing together constituted three regions of the country - Constanta , Bucharest and Cluj . Each region comes with specific musical background , influences of metal , hip hop and dub to create a sound shoulder put eclectic .
Shadowbox means Mihai Iordache ( Protest Urban ) , Razvan Ristea ( Bitter Moon ) , Rares Bartos ( Narkom and Deviant ) and Codin Orăşeanu ( LowFreq ) . " How many people , so many influences " could easily be the slogan band.
Shadowbox is a band that combines mature into a fine acoustic drums electronic drums , bass hot synthuri electronic bass and sub ​​bass and melodic lines over the meeting elements and effects that give each piece a unique and cinematic atmosphere . From this combination of elements was born a style that leads to ear grime , dub and hip hop , focusing always on drums and bass .

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