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"Romanian Moftul" ILCaragiale Moments after an exceptional performance Giorgescu bins, Uniter Awards nomination this year for "Best Actor".

15 Iulie 2013

Moftul Roman

Lanterns, corn, reform, railways, tabloids, baccalaureate, gold chains, Mars, democracy, strays, rumors, rain showers, recipes, celebrities, puppets, smiles, newspapers, engines, flocks of hats, fans, airs, gloves, politicians, leaves, lions, sectors, pits, arrogance pocket.Under the baton of bins Giorgescu actor is born a comic show, a sequence of statements that will spells and lead in a world of uncontrollable laughter and thought behind it.
Reservations contact@teatrulmignon.roTickets online www.iabilet.roMore details: https://www.facebook.com/events/410368442407762/

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