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Halvingrad 002 on August 30, 2013 at the Palace in Bucharest Spayer

27 August 2013

Halvingrad 002 - The Anniversary

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On August 30, 1912,
in the northernmost corner of a conscience stained
arises HALVINGRAD - land of duplication.
Designed to function as a dual specialist
Principality has the raw energy source
an early psihastenie
(Halvingradul dragging and strength from a complex existential incompleteness).
In a creative impetus and a new tantalizing thirst,
bicontismul halvingradez proposed refuge in the shade,
run by a sun that has shone all flashes /
of a mouth and told all the words.
August 1st anniversary
an eternal mercury retrograde
a here and now indefinite,
Halvingrad that opens a majestic and imposing heavy doors
to house Prom halvingradez again.
Technoidă Orchestra will be conducted
in turn
the local minstrels:
ADA Kaleh, Fouche, ease & bicontele Filippi.
Admission is free.


Spayer Palace was built in 1900. The owner, industrialist Herman Spayer, turned to famous architect Louis Blanc to achieve a stylish design, style Louis XV. Building designed for a very rich family, has three entries. Architect and interior decoration occupied the dwelling, the remaining lamps, chandeliers, fireplaces fittings, silk wallpaper, and four paintings large. Architect Blanc turned to his colleague John D. Berindei to build the villa courtyard, stables for horses owner.
Facade decorations balance its component volumes make this palace an interesting architectural monument of the capital.
Ample interiors are richly decorated with stucco, bronze, marble columns, wood paneling and silk wall coverings or other valuable textiles.
Bathrooms are decorated with hand-drawn tiles and the walls and ceilings of several rooms are painted with oil paint.

† Artwork † >>> Raimund BA / / Catalin Grigore <<<


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