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Goran Bregovic in concert at Bucharest 2 april 2018

04 Februarie 2018

Goran Bregovic

At the request of the audience, Goran returns to Romania with his orchestra to re-create a sensation show that will keep fans through all the albums and hits that made him famous in a select company. The show will take place on April 2 at the Palace Hall in Bucharest and will be called "Three Letters From Sarajevo" as the artist's latest album.

Goran Bregovic, one of the most famous musicians in the Balkans, is a guitarist and composer from Sarajevo, Bosnia. He was born on March 22, 1950, in a family of mixed origins: the Croat father and the Serb gentleman. After his parents divorced, the future artist remained with his mother in Sarajevo. Most of her childhood spent her at the Music School, studying the violin. Paradoxically, the educational institution has decided to expel him for "lack of talent". Shortly after his exclusion from school, his mother bought him a guitar. At the age of sixteen he was given up by the one who gave him life, being cared for by some relatives willing to support him.

Goran has been forced to wear his own care since teenage childhood when he began to play folk music in a bar in the town of Konjic. In 1971, Goran and another aspiring artist, Zoran Redzia, began singing in a band called "Jutro" (n.r. "Good Morning"). In this formula, the musician had a lot of shows and he began to taste the full success. On January 1, 1974, the band changed its name to "Bijelo Dugme" ("The White Button").

In 1975, when preparing for his career as professor of official ideology at that time, Marxism-Leninism, the Bielo Dugme band gained popularity in Yugoslavia. He gave up his vocal vocation and became the idol of the youth and the most impressive rock star of his country. He withdrew from the Bielo Dugme in the 1990s, having 13 albums sold in six million copies. After ten years of rock music, Bregovic has given up on this genre to embrace the style that has made him known around the world: a combination of traditional Balkan rhythms with rock sounds.

Tickets are available electronically on www.iabilet.ro and in the physical network iabilet.ro/retea: Flanco Stores, Metro Unirii 1 next to Metrorex Ticket Office, Music Store, Expired Carol Halls (in the interval: 20: 00-22 : 00), IQ BOX - Telekom, Cafe Deko, Club Vintage, Club Quantic, Hard Rock Cafe, Perfect Tour Agencies, Uman Shops and ZebraPay self-service terminals all over the country.

Tickets cost:

- Early Bird - until January 15 - Cat A 240 lei, Cat B 160 lei, Cat C 115 lei, Cat D 85 lei

- Presale 1 - until March 15 - Cat A 250 lei, Cat B 170 lei, Cat C 125 lei, Cat D 90 lei

- Presale 2 - until April 2 - Cat A 260 lei, Cat B 180 lei, Cat C 135 lei, Cat D 95 lei

- At the entrance - Cat A 270 lei, Cat B 190 lei, Cat C 145 lei, Cat D 100 lei

Online on www.iabilet.ro, you can pay by credit card, through Paypal, on the Vodafone or Orange bill at the end of the month or pay cash with Fan Courier anywhere in the country

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