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French Express Label Night

06 August 2013

French Express Label Night

Color close this summer, all the pool, the evening's special label French Express.


On August 31, the last night of summer, Jonas Rathsman, Isaac Tischauer and Moon Boots come to conquer the Tropicana's house in the same location where we danced until sunrise on the Norwegian disco's Todd Terje. By this time the sound will resonate deep house, in a collection of smooth and bass sophisticated arrangements made by the three producers altcătuiesc bases label headed by Perseus.


Opening the event will be made by the trio Disco Sigaretta represented by Rocky Siffredo, Sick & Gino Carantino Vox, which continue to expose local cadences disco scene of the late 70's, the italo, synth and Afrobeat.


Last catch sunset at Plage, on the sand. Give start at 20:00 and the entrance will be 25 RON throughout the night.


To facilitate access to the location of Otopeni, Color provides free, racing buses on Revolution Square - La Plage Club, between the hours of 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 and that 5:00 to 7:00 for the return. Minibuses will leave quarter-hour.


In addition to free shipping, Color encourage and share places via www.4inmasina.ro cars carpooling.


Perseus House's production, French Express, has become one of the largest not-disco and house labels in the industry. Fluctuations and unstoppable hype on the music industry always carries with it their mission is simply to put music on stage in a wonderful way and cause people to dance.


French Express had a huge impact on the world of deep house this year and once again managed to override greatness Jonas brings world Rathsman "Yes I am" Moon Boots returns with a stellar single "Love Strong" Isaac Tischauer rail system demonstrates its excellent qualities once the new EP producer 5 tracks "Take Over You".










Moon Boots came into the world in the mid 1980s through Cape Canaveral. He abandoned the space program and used his savings to build a studio in an unnamed location, where he currently works. Over the last 12 months, Moon Boots prepared an impressive catalog of remixes and original copies. His last gift to fans is "Strong Love," a single voice filled with soul, taste and super-funky housey, all gathering together to achieve this true tropical islands house. Not too fast nor too slow, flawless rhythm lure a late night boogie.











Rathsman Jonas grew up in a small village in western Sweden, away from the lights and disco clubs have now become an integral part of his life. Music has always been central to his teenage years, but the real passion for music will come later in life. After he became a household name at the age of 18, for parties of Gothenburg, he decided to return to music production. His debut EP "Tobago", was released in late 2011, and followed with singles "Since I Do not Have You", "W4W" and among the most recent, "Bringing You Down" . His plays are notable because they have sentimental and also prominent voice of the classic house sound. The straight line's creative Rathsman not limited to music - he is also co-owner and producer behind the fashion brand "Uniforms for the Dedicated".










Tichauer artist and producer Isaac, a real ladies man, returned with a new EP sublime "Take Over You", which was more than well received by its audience. Early production skills have captured the attention of the head of Isaac French Express Perseus, who then signed elite team. They could not see him signing arguably one of the best albums of last year from house music scene better - has released all 9 pieces of devotion to the fans for free. Parts of the album were regularly present in the mixtape sites like The Magician and Aeroplane.


Moon Boots
Jonas Rathsman
Isaac Tichauer
Disco Sigaretta



25 euro - all night



Date: Saturday, August 30, 2013, from 20:00

Organizer: COLOR - www.coloring.ro

Location: La Plage Club

Address: Str. Odai Nr. 26-30 Otopeni

Acknowledgement / partnerships: alina@coloring.ro

Information: mihai@coloring.ro


Minibuses will leave quarter-hour.

8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. - Revolution Square - La Plage
5:00 to 7:00 - La Plage - Revolution Square










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Hotel Caro




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