the only song that has happened, since protests began pro Rosia Montana

16 Septembrie 2013

Eyedrops launches La fund de butoi,

Eyedrops Launches bottom barrel, the only song that has happened, since protests began pro Rosia Montana
Eyedrops released on Tuesday 10 September in the new song - "at the bottom of the barrel". The piece is accompanied by a video that the three band members say they "do not belong to anyone." Boys do not want to talk about it, the song as part of a protest, but I see it more as a call to courage.
"I worked on a piece two weeks exactly since protests began Rosia Montana. Incidentally, we initially proposed to launch even on September 1. Was not ready but the time master. Then I laid it out on the 19th, but , one day we realized that the street is, the movie clip without knowing. in other words, this clip was filmed alone, over several days of protests ... I just had to realize that part we bother finishing it happens around us and the desires of starting work turned into reality overnight. and we share that reality with incredibly many others "- Eyedrops.
At the bottom of the barrel is the first piece 100% Eyedrops in Romanian. About their plans for the near future: working on more and more pieces. Music video "at the bottom of the barrel" can be found here -
Them, their mother, with love and humor!
Eyedrops ( / EyedropsBand) means:
Paul ManolescuMiche MarkBogdan Diaconeasa

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