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16 Septembrie 2013


German Embassy in Bucharest in collaboration with Bukarest Kulturhaus event space offering on September 20, 2013 a party German -style pure and groovy , where we promise you will not stop dancing , both you and your friends : EINZ , ZWEI , Diskothek . Special guest for a concert in this party is Freddy Fischer & His Cosmic Band Rocktime that comes even in Germany where our club brings great jazz disco party that you 've never imagined it before. After the concert and a short relaxing break , how to breathe now a beer with those known , I expect the second half of the party with resident DJs club : SHURUBEL & FILIP .

In this world happens a lot of musical oddities , each more appealing to a lot of segments of people. On some of them they let go , do not like , do not like you , not what excites you , you do not " tickle the ears " such a great writer says Romanian . On some of them , however , when you hear it you never wanted to let go of your mind , you hang on to them with both hands and with all imagination . Well, in this last category includes Freddy Fischer & His Cosmic Band Rocktime .


You know the sound of '70s radio that we all go back to giving him some beats and some indie bands influences ? Freddy Fischer skillfully takes these sounds , adds German lyrics and makes them disco- jazz, in a very groovy mix that you can not not dance masters .

Freddy Fischer talent did not come out ready prepared , like all talents which we know from history. You can not predict talent and a fisherman Berlin 60 and 70 years , surrounded by walls and gray blocks or entire ocean ... monoliths , nor your mind that the passion for soul music in America can burst out of there. It's even harder to find people with the same passion and start a musical journey so autodidact . From the concert in concert to create your own style , and in time came Freddy 's original creations and such a unique style that you can not leave out , appeared in German music . It's soulful , it's just how he feels the world or globe scenes and you will experience these feelings at Kulturhaus Bukarest, with Freddy Fischer & His Cosmic Band Rocktime . On September 20, 2013 at Eins , Zwei , Diskhothek .

After the concert and a short relaxing break to breathe now as a beer and still some words to those known and courage longer meet the others at the party , I expect the second half of the night with DJs binecunoscuţii residents club : SHURUBEL & FILIP .

Entry to this event is free.

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