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News: Corina Andreea Banica, Puya Alex Velea and do show the RMA in 2013

27 August 2013

Corina Andreea Banica, Puya Alex Velea and do show the RMA in 2013

Utv Music Channel and four more top names on the list of artists who will climb on stage on September 14 at Brasov Romanian Music Awards: Corina Andreea Banica, Puya Alex Velea and promise a complete show. Romanian Music Awards is certainly musical event each year that mobilizes the entire music industry in Romania: the artists, and their fans are preparing intensely for a really impressive show. If last year's edition Alex Velea launched for the first hit Minimum two, we look forward to see what will surprise us this year, being recognized for exceptional equestrian thoroughly preparing you with professional dance troupe. We are also curious about what outfits they choose to show Corina Andreea Banica, being known that both are true fashion icons that address always incredibly sexy outfits. The highlight of the event, the audience is waiting with baited breath remains awards for each of the 14 categories. The most voted artist goes home with a trophy much desired. This year, Puya, host of the 2011 edition of Brasov and the one who received the award for Best Hip Hop in 2009 from Ja Rule, is nominated for Best Male and Best Hip Hop. All artists can be voted on rma.1music.ro, where the 14 categories awaits the winner! This year, the RMA will be held on September 14 in Brasov, Council Square and the Music Channel will broadcast live starting at 19.00. Romanian Music Awards is organized by Music Channel and UTV supported by the City Hall and the City Council of the City of Brasov.

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