We invite you Tuesday, July 16 at 19:00 in St Anton in the Old Town market to see an exclusive brand moment Uninvented Theatre and Classic Beat Orchestra.

15 Iulie 2013

Classic meets Contemporary 19.07.2013

Come be acquainted with classical instruments magicians and creators of emotion. Price will take you 30 minutes in their world, the world of art, emotion, freedom, imagination and originality. The event will be the famous Eve of the Uninvented Theatre doll that comes to life in their hands. She will share flyers will meet fans and even pictures of the willing.We talk to the artists, we will know and we will find out why to come to their show on July 23 at RIN Grand Hotel. Lovers of both bands will be able to purchase tickets on the spot, their price ranging between 30 and 50 RON.

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