Romanian Film Promotion Association in partnership with the Municipality of Oradea Oradea organized, from 15 to 17 July, TIFF Film Caravan.

13 Iulie 2013

Caravana filmelor TIFF 15.07.2013

Outdoor screenings will take place on the plateau in front of the House of Culture, the entrance is free.
Oradenii will enjoy movies such as:
The feature film "The horses are green wall" director Dan Chişu (running July 15, at 22:00).
Tragicomedy "Sentenced to Life", directed by Bogdan Dreyer (running July 16, 22:00), this is a film made after the novel "The Death of Ipu" Titus Popovici and Turkish-German co-production "life" in directed by Asli Ozge, film that will run on the last day of the festival (July 17th, 22:00).

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