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Lyric: So appealing

So appealing : Sean Paul

Dutty Yeah 
Expensive mi feeling 
Dun know di girls dem look so appealing 
Sean Paul mi deh yah and mi willin yuh know 
Yeah, a so we do 
Dutty Cup Crew, stick to di gyal dem like glue 
And yuh dun know, all shotta all di gal dem 
Dutty Yeah, Yo... 
Woman yuh look so appealin 
What di dealin? 
I-an-I got to get yuh dis evening 
Woman yuh really wah fi get in di vibe 
Wah yuh bring mek mi well want di luvin, me sing.. 

Repeat 2x 

Verse 1: 
Mi sing, Woman in di world dem a get hot ya mi friend 
Di hot stepper trend, yuh can't flop dem 
Mek di man dem got hot underneath dem sweater ina dance 
So we haffi tell dem 
Mi just love how di gyal dem walk pon di street 
Mi nuh know how two man fi fi tun backway dweet 
Any how, gal wi fi follow yuh nuh see it 
Sean Paul a tell dem and again wi repeat 


Verse 2: 
Get up ina di morning everi ting did all right 
Stand up ina di window fi get a liccle light 
Di gyal deh wah mi sight a mi greatest delight 
Some bwoy call dem Dondemite 
Woman a creation, a dat mi wah dem undastand 
Every nation should show appreciation 
To di woman, woman uno gallang 
Sean Paul mi deh ya pon a different program 

Chorus 2x 

Verse 3: 
See a different gyal wah mi want everyday 
Sean Paul mi deh yah an mi nah lay lay 
To master God everyday wi haffi pray 
So wi have a good gal fi roll ina di hay 
Mi seh, wi nuh want nuh disease, please 
Wi nuh want nuh sleaze 
Sean Paul mi deh ya and mi tell dem fi ease, off 
Sean Paul a squeeze off 
All di girl dem wï loose off 


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