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Sean Paul: Fire brigade

[INTRO]Ah FIRE!!!Call d brigadeStraight to d dance d ting get hottaYow yow…Gyul juss bubble, an bubble, an bubble againWhine an whine an set d trendBubble, an bubble, an bubble mi frenArite[CHO...

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Sean Paul: Feel alright

(Intro)Yo yo!Straight up de gal dem seh dem love mi fah di illy skillyDem dun know, Sean-A-Paul (Yeah yeah)Duttily muckilly yoYah mon Dutty Cup back pon di sceneComin back fi mek di girls dem bawl out...

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Sean Paul: Faded

(Intro)UhJiggaDuttyWe deport di one dem a couldnt stand up yuh know gwaanYo Di gyal dem never feel it yuh undastand dem picture rated a so we sehUh Mi go so den(Chorus)Dem gyal dem fadedIt a...

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Sean Paul: Eye deh a mi knee

Intro:Yo yo, yagga yo, See from we, see from we, see from weChorus:See from we eye deh yah we, kneeBut di gal dem a star we and dem par in, deepRight next to da S to da P dats where they, beFrom ...

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Sean Paul: Ever blazing

((Ever blazing ever blazing girl)(blazing up the flame blazing up the flame) (Ever blazing ever blazing girl yo)[Chorus]As the world turns and as time burnsgirl you know im gonna be theremy ...

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Sean Paul: Esa loca

[Intro: R.O.B.B.]Yo you remember Tony from Capicu?And carribean chicks be like papi chuAll you haters out there can't stop me dudeI got niggas out there dem shotta youY'all not ready for R-R-O y'all n...

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Sean Paul: Es ee ex

Intro:Well de way we love it is only God we put above it Yo yuh know dis oneYuh know how fi spend it How it goChorus:Well ah de es ee exWe love it every day we thinking of itWuk pon de bed p...

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Sean Paul: Dutty rock intro

A the gal them international dj comin'Through, so yow!Respect due to all the manThem inna the street but the gal them innaCHORUSWoman you physique concreteCan't delete you fatbecause you buff up compl...

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Sean Paul: Deport dem

Intro:Dutty Yo!K-licious yeah yeah yeah yeah Dutty YoYo yo yo yo ah Seana Paul ah mek de whole world knowChorus:So from ah gyal nuh up to date we deport demCyar keep up to de change we report demIf ah...

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Sean Paul: Definite

(Intro)Why everyday she waan come push har partite inna yuh business so wah gwaanMek har know seh yu a di oonu fi di Lord Mek har know seh yuh have nuff tings a gwaanFurtha more she fi know seh m...

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Bucharest Craft Beer Festival 2018 Balkanik Festival 8 Full Moon Live Festival 2018 AWAKE Festival 2018 DAVID GARRETT   ”EXPLOSIVE LIVE” @  București | 13 si 14 septembrie 2018

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