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Sean Paul: Mama i love you

[Intro]Yeah yeah! Wo woo!Yeah yeah! I looo-ooove you... [mama!]Wo woo! Yeah yeah!Yeah yeah! yo yo!Mama I love you... [yeah]Yeah yeh! [wooaa]Wo woo! [wooaa][I lo-oove you]Ya knoamean...[Yoyoyoyoow]Arit...

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Sean Paul: Like glue

Intro:Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, feel dat trend now, yeah yeahSean-A-Paul, so mi go so thenChorus:Well I don't really care what people sayI don't really watch what dem waan doStill I got to stick to my gir...

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Sean Paul: Keeping you warm

(Intro)Di gyal dem steal all treeSean-A-Paul, so mi give it to, so mi give it to, so mi give it toTo all girls, Fight mi den an fatty naughty shortyBaby girl, all my girls, all my girls, Sean-A-Paul s...

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Sean Paul: Junkin' punny

We can do anything Just you and me baby baby baby baby babe Wait and see Hold on sit tight Are you ready for a crazy ride? You're on you're own It ain't right Someth...

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Sean Paul: It's all right (feat Faboulous)

INTRO: (SEAN PAUL)] All you need to know is the vibe round' here we built and instill it Sean Paul alongside Fabolous...You done know we buss'... Telling them again, ay!... Gi...

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Sean Paul: International affair

[Intro: Sean Paul]Well in come di ting dem a call di ol' to di newDun know a say Sean-A-Paul a get it fi newMike Ranson and Debbie Nova pon di trackDutty haffi bring it come backA Dutty Yeah![Rakim sa...

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Sean Paul: Ill take you there

Intro:Il Take you there....Ill Take you thereIl Take you there....Ill Take you there, girl-friend..Il Take you there....Ill Take you thereIl Take you there...Ill Take you there, my girlChorus:Ill take...

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Sean Paul: I'm still in love with you

(feat. Sasha)[Sean Paul and Sacha talking][Chorus][S] I'm still in love with you boy?Well I'm a hustler and a player and you I'm not a stayerThat's the dutty dutty love[S] I'm still in love with you b...

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Sean Paul: Hot sexy punkie

[Chorus]Hot sexy punkie, me punkieGal me see say that you want me, you want meAnd it no matter wa you man a say, man a sayCause you know say that we haffi link up one day[x2][Verse 1]Cause me sit down...

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Sean Paul: Hot gyal today

Hey me and you cyann guh nuh wheh yu kno Shut up yu moooout A my gyal dat my yute My boo Yow, a whappen to yuh? Seana Paul and Mista Vegas again dutty yo Trilalalala...

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