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Sean Paul: Pick it up n drop it

[Intro]We keep it movin baby, we keep it rockin girlWe keep it movin baby, yo im gonna rock your worldWe keep it movin baby, we keep it rockin girlHey yo Birch... Sean Paul weh mi tell dem[Chorus]Just...

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Sean Paul: Pepperpot

Are you with me, Baby!?I wannna know I wanna knowMy girl...Try to tell you that I love you babygirlBut it's all in vain (in vain, in vain)Try to tell you that I be there for youWhen you call my name (...

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Sean Paul: Oh man (feat Daddy Yankee)

[Intro:]Looney Tunes..... Subelo al maximo (Turn it Up to the Max)Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up... Subelo al maximoDaddy Yankee a turn it up, turn it up... Subelo al maximoS Peezy a turn it up,bo...

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Sean Paul: Number one sound

Intro:Ey yo, bla blau, blalalalalau, ey yo, bla blau, Peezy, Peezy, Peezy, cah mi deyah weh mi sing yowChorus:Dem waan come disrespectMi find seh dem too badmindSean da Paul is a yute weh ya shock lon...

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Sean Paul: Now that i`ve got your love

Intro:SenoritaD way you watchyuh dey pon mi meterBonicita …senoritaSean da paul yuh kno say we ah d leadahYo yo cahChorus: Now that I got your love girlI’ll never ever give it upAh w...

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Sean Paul: Never gonna be the same

Intro:As the reality of the times take hold,We come to terms with the sadness we bearMissing the times we never get to shareWo wo, wo wo, wo wo.Just a few words because we careStill I got all the memo...

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Sean Paul: My place

na na na na definately wrong mi seh yuh na girl becahmi nah ask yuh bout yuh manmi sey gimme yuh handa dutty yeah!So lemme tek yuh to mi place so we can carry onwoman nah waan no bait so man haffi per...

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Sean Paul: My life (feat Wayne Marshall)

can We Do This Every Day? Make The Sound Turn Up LoudMake The Music Play? Make The Sun Energy ..here By The Kisschorus:You See The Party Won't Stop 'till The Morning LightSmoking, Cash To Fl...

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Sean Paul: Move your body

A di link, my girl, a di linkWi dont care what piepl wantinA di link, my girl, a di linkJus dance an all a drinkGirl it's yuh...Party... dat why free yuh life pon yuh birthdayAll day, all night, till ...

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Sean Paul: Mek it go so den

Intro:Well right now we know say war start yuh knowAnd we know who ah go end itYeahWe done know who send it but right now yuh know we ah defend itDutty lick go so den againChorus:Well me say war it ah...

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