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Sean Paul: Sufferer

Intro]Young girls outa road a look fine yogga yow yogga yow onnu catch dutty flow yo Sean a Paul a mek dem know weh mi go so yogga ma chugga [Verse 1]Im chillin...

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Sean Paul: Straight up

Intro:Yo yo (Yo yo!) Some bwoy don't know (Some bwoy don't know)Yo yo (Yo yo!) Some bwoy don't know Verse 1:When, she ready fah, ready fi di stormin they'll go comin outPut it pon har, neva yuh w...

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Sean Paul: Sound the alarm

[Intro-Sean Paul & (Looga Man)] Well I an I dun too much inna di bad man talkin yuh know but yuh dun know seh guns soon back in,OHHAiyyo tunes still chartin an yuh dun know seh we aim sky loc...

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Sean Paul: So fine

introI'll be your sunshineyou could be mineyou'll be my windchimeI've got the rhymewe'll have a good timemake up your mindroll with me girl, you're so finechorusgirl jus let me be there for you anytim...

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Sean Paul: So appealing

Intro: Dutty Yeah Expensive mi feeling Dun know di girls dem look so appealing Sean Paul mi deh yah and mi willin yuh know Yeah, a so we do Dutty Cup Crew, stick to di gy...

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Sean Paul: Send it on

Intro:Yo, YoCruisin, ah just time we abusinSexy gal weh we cruisinJah know we aint losinYo, YoBridge:Cruisin in di drop top, chillin in di rightCheckin out di fat gal, dem inna mi sightPull up to di h...

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Sean Paul: Run di world

Intro:De de woo yah woo yah woo yah de de woo yah woo yah wooDe de woo yah woo yah woo yah de de woo yah woo yah wooDe de woo yah de de woo yah woo yah woo yah de de wooDe de woo yah de de woo yah de ...

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Sean Paul: Real rude boys (feat 50 Cent)

Sean Paul:Weh easy, weh ya done know so ya make on the cheesySean-a-peesy, them girls are over breezyLongside with 50 Cent yoNow them bwoy waan fi them extend yoChorusSean Paul:Some bwoy fi check itJe...

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Sean Paul: Press it up

IntroSpz …yo yo …fi d gyul demSay when you ready girlWhen time you want it come get itLet let me set it girlTake care ah you like ah medicChorusCah when you press it upSee the way you wi...

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Sean Paul: Play the music

So many years of sacrificeSo many years now de people dem a rejoiceMek dem jump off fi niceSing lyrics an represent dem livesDey dont know realy do deyDey dont know realy do deySome a dem dont know no...

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