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Sean Paul: Yardie bone (feat Wayne Marshall)

Intro: Sean Paul (Wayne Marshall)Historically speakin (Wow!) internationally speakin we got di gal dem tweakin (Wow!)Single girl dem to di one we speakin to di one dem weh outright tinkin (Hey!!!)Chor...

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Sean Paul: Work wid it

Intro: Well I and I see di gal dem well well waan fi condemn! Yu dun know if dem have a problem Sean-a Paul will solve dem!...How you mean ! Du.. Du.. Du.. Du.. Dutty Yow Well!&nbs...

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Sean Paul: Weak inna di knees

Intro:Wi mek dem gal a gettaWi mek dem gal a gettaWi mek dem gal a gettaChorus:Weak inna di knees when di Dutty deyah pon itCau wi booom it n bam it n mek dem reach a neks planet[Foot *censored*] inna...

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Sean Paul: We be burnin'

Intro]Just gimme di dees an we be clubbin yo (clubbin yo)It a mek we please an we be tuggin yo(tuggin yo)sippin in deh sea an we bubblin yo (bubblin yo)Set ya mind at ease we gotta take it slowSo when...

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Sean Paul: Watch dem roll

[Intro]Watch di gal dem rollWatch di gal dem rollWatch di gal dem rollWatch di watch di watch di gal dem rollWatch di gal dem rollWatch di gal dem rollWatch di gal dem rollAll Ladies All ladies all la...

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Sean Paul: U a pro

(Intro)Yeah yeah, yeah yeah(Bridge)Girl yuh got dem weak wid yuh styleGirl yuh got fi see it yuh got di man dem weak in di knees to how yuh body just a tease dem a chatsehYuh got dem weak wid yuh styl...

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Sean Paul: Trespass

intro:Yo tell dem seh is a empire wi a build roun iyami nuh chink com ich up pon wi baggagecah wi nuh waan nuh bwoy itch an pitch an get ditch yuh understandChorus:The line crooss an yuh shoulda neva ...

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Sean Paul: Things come and go

VERSE 1I've done some stupid shitI've even lied to you, you know that for a factPlus all I've put you through (all I've put you through)It still amazes me (me), how you've forgiven me (yeah)If I could...

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Sean Paul: The trinity

Intro::Yo yo!My main aim is to maintainBeyond 2005 stay alive Jah Jah we a fareStay clear of the brain drainCau di system design wid a oily pitfallAnd be told inna dust a likkle bit againAnd when you ...

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Sean Paul: Temperature

[Intro:]The gal dem Schillaci...Sean da PaulSo me give it to...so me give to...so me give it to...to all girlsFive million and forty naughty shorty...Baby girl...baby girl...Sean da Paul sey...[Chorus...

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