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Celine Dion: All by myself

When I was youngI never needed anyoneAnd making love was just for funThose days are goneLivin' aloneI think of all the friends I've knownWhen I dial the telephoneNobody's homeAll by myselfDon't wanna ...

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Celine Dion: Ain't gonna look the other way

Used to be easy, used to have truth hangin roundNever had secrets, always singing your praises now good and loudAll I got is questions, and you left me wondering whyWhy you keep your distance, every l...

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Celine Dion: Adeste fideles (o come all ye faithful)

O come, all ye faithful,Joyful and triumphant,O come ye, O come ye to Bethlehem.Come and behold Him,Born the King of Angels!O come, let us adore Him,O come, let us adore Him,O come, let us adore Him,C...

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Celine Dion: A world to believe in

I've seen the tears and the heartache, and I felt the painI've seen the hatred in so many lives, and lost in vainAnd yet through this darkness there's always a light that shines throughAnd takes me ba...

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Celine Dion: A quatre pas d'ici

Ne cherche pas mon petit ton coin de paradisIl t'attend gentiment a quatre pas d'iciDon't look for you part of heaven It's waiting pleasantly four steps away from hereIl pleut des pluies de musiq...

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Celine Dion: A new day has come

A new day...A new day...I was waiting for so longFor a miracle to comeEveryone told me to be strongHold on and don't shed a tearThrough the darkness and good timesI knew I'd make it throughAnd the wor...

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Celine Dion: A mother's prayer

I pray you'll be my eyesAnd watch her where she goesAnd help her to be wiseHelp me to let goEvery mother's prayerEvery child knowsLead her to a placeGuide her with your graceTo a place where she'll be...

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Celine Dion: (if there was) any other way

Sorry I know I'm lateGuess I lost all track of timeStarted walking and couldn't stopTurning it over in my mindTrying to make some sense of itTrying to make the pieces fitI thought I covered my tracks ...

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Sean Paul: Young world

Bridge:(So youth man...) Slow up unnu roll (ROLL!)It's not all that glitters is gold so don't lose controlIt's all you're living it so cold (COLD)Too much of thaaaaat, why?!Slow up unnu roll (ROLL!)It...

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Sean Paul: You came the right time

WooowoowoooYeeaah yeeaah yeeaahhThis one is for my babyyeaay(ooohhhh, aaahhhhh, oooohhh, babygiiiirl)R:Just when I'm feelin so weak... so weak... so weak... so weakYour love came at the right timeTo m...

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Festivalul Ambasadelor 2018 @ ARCUB și Parcul Titan | 3-9 septembrie Bucharest Craft Beer Festival 2018 Balkanik Festival 8 Old Grave Fest VII DAVID GARRETT   ”EXPLOSIVE LIVE” @  București | 13 si 14 septembrie 2018

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