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B.U.G. Mafia: … Şi Cui Îi Pasă?

Strofa I (Caddillac):Ai un Mercedes de moare lumea, dar n-ai clasa ca si el, // Daca te-ar vedea patronii, ar renega acest model…Vorbesti la Vertu, cu vreo somitate, la pertú, // Tare, s...

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B.U.G. Mafia: Înapoi În Viitor (feat. Roxana Andronescu)

Intro (x2) (Caddillac, Tataee, Uzzi): E pentru suflet, e pentru minte, E pentru fapte, pentru cuvinte, Pentru saraci, pentru bogati, E pentru strada, e pentru frati… Strofa I (Caddillac):2...

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Alicia Keys: Heartburn

Uh, oh oh , ?.Come onA. Keys. Let's goLemmeLemme, Lemme, LemmeLemme tell you somethingTell ya how I feelWhen he comes aroundI gettin to feelin illIt's a aching feelinInside my chestIt's like I'm goin ...

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Alicia Keys: Harlem's nocturne

(piano) Drop it Yeah, yeah Come in for a minute, Welcome back It's just me and you in this room right now There's so many things that are on my mind Ah yeah, ah yeah Sometimes it's hard to say So I ta...

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Alicia Keys: Goodbye

Mhmn bye byeHow do you love someoneThat hurts you oh so badWith intentions goodWas all he ever hadBut how do I let go when I'veLoved him for so long and I'veGiven him all that I couldMaybe love is a h...

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Alicia Keys: Go ahead

OhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhOhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [4x][Verse 1]Broken promisesMy heart you stoleLies you toldGot the best of meDigging in my heart of goldUsed to look at youAnd s...

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Alicia Keys: Ghetto story feat Cham

Alicia:Heres my ghetto story (story)Been in hell through the fireNow we gonna take it higherHeres my survival story (story)So many reasons to sing thisNow we got the keys to the kingdomCham:I remember...

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Alicia Keys: Girlfriend

Baby, silly for me to feel this way about you and herCuz I know she's been such a good friendI know she has helped you throughTalkin late on the phoneEvery night you've been callinPrivate moments alon...

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Alicia Keys: Feeling u, feeling me

Do you ooh!Do have our long conversations on the phone, can't get you out of my mindBaby are you feeling me feeling you?Every thing you say and everything you do,Gets me lost in you days at a time,Tel...

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Alicia Keys: Fallin

Sometimes I love ya, Sometimes you make me blueSometimes I feel good, At times I feel usedLovin' you darlin', makes me so confused[Chorus]I keep on fallin', in and out of love with youI never loved so...

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