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Enrique Iglesias : Addicted

Have I told you how good it feels to be me when I’m in you I can only stay clean when you are around don’t let me fall oh no   If I close my eyes forever would it ease the pain ...

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J Lo; Lola: Dance again

Dance, yes  Love, next Dance, yes  Love, next   Shimmy Shimmy yah, Shimmer yam Shimmer yay I'm a ol' dirty dog all day No way Jose Your girl only go one way, ay mi madre You s...

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Andreea Banica: Electrified

You've been watching me move When I dance in the lights,  Watching me move When i get down tonight.   Come on, come on on the floor,  Come on, what you're waiting for?  Get ...

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Alex Velea: Când noaptea vine

Refren:Când noaptea vine Te vreau lânga mine Ma gândesc doar la tine (Ma gândesc la tine)   Si-mi vine Si alerg o mie de mile Sa ajung pâna la tine (Sa ajung...

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Snoop Dogg: Sweat

Big Snoop Dogg Can you be my doctor? Can you fix me up? Can you wipe me down? So I can lick you up give it up give it up Til' you say my name Like a Jersey Jersey shuttin' down the game Be my h...

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Enrique Iglesias : You are my number one

I`ve kissed the moon a million times Danced with angels in the sky  I`ve seen snowfall in the summertime Felt the healing of the powers above   I`ve seen the world from the highest moun...

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Connect-R: Vara nu dorm

Eu vara nu dorm decat daca-mi dai somnifere Si cum nu iau pastile camarero da-mi o bere Beau in cinstea soarelui ca mi-a fost dor de el Si el bea in cinstea mea fiindca o ardem la fel Am hibernat ca ...

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Linkin Park: Burn It Down

The cycle repeated, As explosions broke in the sky, All that I needed, Was the one thing I couldn't find, And you were there at the turn, Waiting to let me know,   Refren: We're building ...

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Rihanna: Where Have You Been

I've been everywhere, man Looking for someone Someone who can please me Love me all night long I've been everywhere, man Looking for you babe Looking for you babe Searching for you babe Where have yo...

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Rihanna: You Da One

English : [Intro] You the one that I dream about all day You the one that I think about always You Are The One So I Make Sure I Behave! My love is your love, your love is my love [Rihanna] Baby, I ...

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Bucharest Craft Beer Festival 2018 Balkanik Festival 8 Full Moon Live Festival 2018 Snoop Dogg la București, pe 29 august DAVID GARRETT   ”EXPLOSIVE LIVE” @  București | 13 si 14 septembrie 2018

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