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Oceana: Cry cry

When she was a young girlShe used to play with meI was her best friendWe were inseparablyWe loved to ride our bikesPlayin’ hide and seekSneeking all the nightDancing in the streetI look back at ...

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Oceana: Cry (romana)

Cand era o fetitaObisnuia sa se joace cu mineEram prietena ei cea mai bunaEram inseparabileNe placea sa ne dam cu bicicleteleSa ne jucam de-a v-ati ascunseleaSa ne furisam noapteaSa dansam in stradaMa...

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Oceana: Creations

Hes sick hes pulling the skin right from his bonesand in the seperation she will unfold shell unfold in this seperationleave the seems you were nothing but tearing fabric sewn together by dark romanti...

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Oceana: Bonework

When feeding the ones left breathingIt's our only way to live.My minds past growing in the salt,with the bone community.They took my tongue for the things I wanted,but couldn't say.When your taking my...

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Oceana: Boa

If i was fearing the world,I'd be generous.In habit, the world seems to feed what I need.And in a separating ground pulled apart from me,I erase everything.When we were first born,the liquid covered o...

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Radio Killer: You and me

Even if the rain falls down on youEven if the sky is not so blueI will be thereI will be there for youIf you're looking for a falling starStop searching, you don't need to look so farI will be thereI ...

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Radio Killer: Voila

Voila, la la la c'est moiVoila, la la la c'est moi...Here I amStanding tallI'm free of allThe hate in the worldHere I amThe futures's brightI see the lightThe light in your eyes...Here I amStanding ta...

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Radio Killer: Lonely heart

The memory of youStill lingers onAnd our song is playing in my head on and onMy world is black and white baby now that you're goneI'm smelling your parfume on the pilow next to mineAnd i remember how ...

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Radio Killer: Don't let the music end

Thought I'd never fall in love againBut you are a perfect gentlemanAnd you play my kind of music, manSo don’t let the music end.Don’t let X5Don’t let the music end.I can't think of b...

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Radio Killer: Calling you

Strofa 1:Let me hear you say "I love you", Let me hear you say it now, Cause I love the way you say it, Oh I love how it sounds.Boy I know that you love me, I wanna hear you saying...

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Bucharest Craft Beer Festival 2018 Balkanik Festival 8 Full Moon Live Festival 2018 AWAKE Festival 2018 DAVID GARRETT   ”EXPLOSIVE LIVE” @  București | 13 si 14 septembrie 2018

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