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Sean Paul: Bounce it

(Intro)Right there, right there, right there, right there, oomonRight there, bounce it there, right there, right there,Keep it there, dont have nuh fear, bounce it there, yo, den gyal(Chorus)Weh mi ta...

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Sean Paul: Bossman

Beenie Man: Well this is Beenie Man The roughest toughest bumboclaat bad man from out of Jamaica Hear this one, ya! Beenie Man 'longside Sean Paul and Lady Saw Oh Na Na Na&nbs...

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Sean Paul: Body

[Intro](Turn the lights on! )Soaking wetShe can't keep dryI need a bedMe not tell no liePut both your handsUpon the wallFleed up girlI won't let you fallGotta friend 'round seeThere as you therePut it...

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Sean Paul: Blazing

(Ever blazing ever blazing girl)(blazing up the flame blazing up the flame) (Ever blazing ever blazing girl yo)[Chorus]As the world turns and as time burnsgirl you know im gonna be theremy l...

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Sean Paul: Big it up

[Intro] Sean Paul Ba ba ba ba bam This a di ba ba ba ba bam Sean Paul (Skibby Diddy) [Chorus] So gal, di more dem try fi fight you, A di more yuh get hype yuh know&n...

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Sean Paul: Baby boy

Certified qualityA dat da girl dem need and dem not stop cry without apologyBuck dem da right way ? dat my policySean Paul alongside ? now hear what da man say ? BeyonceDutty Ya, Dutty Ya, Dutty YaBey...

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Sean Paul: As time goes on

Intro:Yeah YeahWow, wowWowwwwwwwwWill we ever care? (Will We Ever Care?)And will we ever share? (Will We ever share?)Yow yowVerse 1:You who seh rule de peopleSay don't it so deceifulYes year to year i...

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Sean Paul: Always on my mind (feat Da Ville)

[Intro]Baby gyal yuh kno yuh love ... memorySo right now Got to sing this song fo' your memorySean Paul and DavilleSing!!![Verse 1 Daville]I'm thinking about you...ou (Put the bang bang)Girl how I mis...

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Sean Paul: All on me (feat Tami Chynn)

Intro: Sean PaulBack again set di trend it must be di great S.P.Longside Tami, girl, I'm all on you girl (Anytime)I'm all on you (Any place) I'm all on you (Anytime)Any gal weh waan it tell dem seh co...

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Oceana: The tide

And his face shown like the sunRejoice, rejoice the tide has comeTide has come to take us allTide has come to take usTide has come to take us allTide has come to take usTake us away to a better placeT...

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Full Moon Live Festival 2018 AWAKE Festival 2018 Concert Joe Satriani la Bucuresti Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2018 | 2-5 aug

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