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Sean Paul: Cry baby cry (feat Santana & Joss Stone)

Verse 1Going back to the memoriesReminiscing ‘bout you and meThinking how it used to beIt’s plain and clear I treated you badBut girl you know that I careEvery relation(ship) have wear and...

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Sean Paul: Could a why

(Intro)Yah hear mi princess anytime yuh pass thru its like di man dem deh pon wooSo how some gyal waan prove a, tell dem to move aA Dutty(Chorus)Coulda coulda coulda coulda why dem gyal deh nuh like y...

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Sean Paul: Chi chi man

IntroBassie:My crew (my crew)My dogs (my dogs)Set rules (set rules)Set laws (set laws)We represent for the lords of yardsA gyal alone a feel up my ballsChorus:From them a par inna chi chi man carBlaze...

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Sean Paul: Change the game (feat Kid Kurrupt And Loogaman)

[Intro:]Hey yo we flip the script now the game done changedDutty cup music drive dem insaneWorldwide, yard ain't been the sameJigzag zigular come bring the pain..Hey yo Sean Paul...bad mind waan see y...

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Sean Paul: Can you do the work (feat Ce'cile)

[Sean Paul:] Bwoy Ce'cile, I see it clear yuh know, mi need ya yuh know [Ce'cile:] Pleeeaaaaseeee!!! I got a man ok [Sean Paul:] Yeah but mi neva hear yuh seh nuttin bout him, mi talk bout m...

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Sean Paul: Call my name

Ta dah, tah dah, a dutty yo again,Ta dah, tah dah, a dutty yo again,So mi go so againChorus:Sometimes I hear yuh calling out my name,And I can hear deep dung inna mi brain,If Im a fool I only got myse...

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Sean Paul: Butta

(Intro)Blaow blaow, blaow blaowWell in come di ting dem call special girls step up an all flat girl just stay downWell yuh dun know seh Sean A Paul a run di townWi deh yah pon di tuneBlah, hey, yoDutt...

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Sean Paul: Bubble

[Intro: Sean Paul]Well it's my girl, child caw dem cyaanSpend time an pon di style an yun dun knoYuh haffi get wild, wuh me sayEasy, Sean-A-Paul bun di fireYuh dun kno Fahrenheit elongside di Neptunes...

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Sean Paul: Breathe (feat Blu Cantrell)

SEAN PAUL]INTRO:Sean paul and blu cantrellremix that gona make ya head swell yoyo hey yo yo hey yoso what's that supposed to be about babyya'll free up ya mind and stop actin crazyreminisce about all ...

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Sean Paul: Breakout

Intro:Calling all wildouts, squads come report tuh duty!Sexy ladies in da beauty come shake dat booty!J A girlChorus:Breakout! Breakout! Work wild!Breakout! Breakout! Miami ladies!Breakout! Breakout! ...

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