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Location: Club-XS-Bucuresti

Club: Club XS Bucuresti

Magheru, No. 24 near MC Donalds

Descending the stairs , a little excited, are embraced even the entrance of heat and light lamps wallpaper that you watching every step. You start to relax and discover a whole paradise stepping curious sensations that you conquer each step accompanied by warm atmosphere shrouded in lush impression , drapes loose , cozy sofas that invite you to sit and lampadarele with diffused light makes you feel like home, but resist the temptation and continue your amazing story being next chapter so you can jump into the glamor world . Columns and gilded statues amaze you , chandeliers , precious stones like you attract sofas lure you into a glamorous decor , sophisticated and stepping incontinuare waiting to be amazed again get into the VIP booth where smiling sit and savor each sensation parte.Clubul XS is the first club in Bucharest where two totally different styles are combined perfectly in an unforgettable tale , ventilation and air conditioning system is outstanding , the sound is worth taking into account environmental and site recommends it perfect for company parties capacity being 250-300 people, bachelor party , bachelor parties and birthdays . You 're welcome to traiesiti an unforgettable tale from Thursday to Sunday inclusive starting at 22:00 until morning Blvd Magheru 24 ( near Mc Donalds in Romanian ) .

Club XS Bucuresti

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