Yourstruly 09 cu Noze

23 Martie 2013

Yourstruly 09 cu Noze @ Studio Martin

France could not ever assume leadership in electronic music, always exceeded the historical rivals United Kingdom and Germany. But maybe not wanted it, choosing the path of innovation with French artists french touch that you apply l'exception culturelle virtue famous phrases

And Noze fits into the pattern described above: a beautiful fusion between electronic music and rock saturated with a soft jazz elements that leaves everyone stunned grabbed ... to see them live at least once in your life! After Nicolas Sfintescu, one of the members Noze, founded the label Circus Company label among artists that sign Nicolas jaar, dOP, Aquarius Heaven, DJ Koze and Franck Roger!

Any piece you choose to listen to the famous album "Songs On The Rocks" will remain the same impression: WOW!

So, Saturday March 23 Yourstruly his debut in 2013 with a new portion of good music to the ears of the public knowledgeable novel Noze premiered at Studio Martin!

Giuser will do the warmup!

Noze on facebook:

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