As you probably already know, we returned with all exhale in Bucharest.

10 Mai 2013

WEEKEND: DOUBLE 10-11 Mai @ Expirat Club

Price: 10 RON

Certainly we have not subsided big appetite but we're pretty confident that following a weekend to make a transition to urban easier for us and for you.
So, Friday and Saturday, 10 and 11, bring a piece of Customs atmosphere in Bucharest and see the streets again Orlando is No. 4, where we intend to spend our entire energy left after the last (almost) two weeks. As before, everything happens in two rooms, two bars with music of all kinds - classical Bucharest, hymns season sea and absolute novelty - selected and delivered by Matt - Friday and George - Saturday, date with The Basstard & NotSoCommonDJ - Friday and Stefan - Saturday at "Shake Department."

To avoid the lack of alcohol at the bar crowd please visit the following form. Your opinion matters and trying to inform the organizers of preferences / your suggestions.
Suggestions and complaints.
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