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Studio Martin presents: NYE 2013 Satoshi Tomiie ✖ ✖ December 31, 2012 at 23:00

31 Decembrie 2012

Studio Martin presents: NYE 2013 ✖ Satoshi Tomiie ✖ 31 decembrie 2012 la ora 23:00 @ Studio Martin

Promoter: Studio Martin
Genre: Muzica Electronica
Price: 30/50 lei

In many emails with the smell of apples and cinnamon (as well, approaching Christmas) to see what I got yesterday: "Hey, bro, let me make you an offer you can not refuse: I have Some killer tracks I wanna play at Studio Martin! Dates available: 31.12. Let me know what you think. Sayonara, Satoshi "offer I could refuse it? : D

So, with your permission, the master of the Sub-ann reschedule to accommodate New Year's Eve at Studio Martin legend Satoshi Tomiie after an absence of two years from the electronic music scene, during which time he set up own studio in New York and has worked on several pieces devastating that we have the opportunity to listen to on Dec. 31 in Studio Martin!

By the time most of us enjoy the 10 minutes of cartoons sent to state television, Satoshi produced one reference parts for electronic music with another monster (Frankie Knuckles). Tears see the light of vinyl in 89, marking his debut as a producer Satoshi!

Remixes for U2, David Bowie and Simply Red, a label (SAW Records) by means of which received international recognition as a name Audiofly, Guti, Soul Mabaan others: these are just some coordinates for legend Satoshi Tomiie incredible career.

We do not just have to come on Dec. 31 at Studio Martin for a party as unexpected as it is desirable!
Satoshi Tomiie on facebook:
Input prices: 30 ron (in advance from Studio Martin) / 50 ron input event night
Prices packages:STANDARD (balcony) - 1000 ron ron and 8 tickets x 30included in the package:1 bottle of Asti Martini1 bottle of Finlandia (1L)1 bottle of Jack Daniel's (1L)
Premium (main room) - 1200 ron and  8 tickets x 30 ron

included in the package:1 bottle of Laurent Perrier Tax1 bottle of Finlandia (1L)1 bottle of Jack Daniel's (1L)
VIP (DJ) 1400 ron ron and 8 tickets x 30 ron

1 bottle of Laurent Perrier Tax1 bottle of Finlandia (1liter)1 bottle of Jack Daniel's (1 liter)
Reservations: 0733.627.846 (0733MARTIN) / 0722.399.228* packages do not include soft drinks or energy

To avoid the lack of alcohol at the bar crowd please visit the following form. Your opinion matters and trying to inform the organizers of preferences / your suggestions.
Suggestions and complaints.
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