SF. ANDREW PARTY @ Expired Thursday, November 29: 2 Rooms / King Size Drinks Night

29 Noiembrie 2012

SF. ANDREI PARTY @ Expirat Joi, 29 noiembrie: 2 Rooms / King Size Drinks Night @ Expirat Club

Promoter: Expirat Club
Price: 10 lei – un shot inclus

SF. ANDREW PARTY @ ExpiredThursday, November 29: 2 Rooms / King Size Drinks Night Expired so cry annual St. Andrew - Thursday 29 November in Brezoianu Street 4 - memorable birthday party based on well-known lesson from previous years.
This time Andreia and wish them well and we madhouse Andreeea organized as follows: - In long weekend mode (in case you have not heard yet, tell us - Friday is the day off);- With expanded space debauchery: Room 1 and Room 2, until after it starts to move RATB site;- With King Size Drinks all night - the most popular drinks in double dose - 0.6 liters for the price of 0.3;- With something alcoholic gifts for Birthdays conscientious, who dare to present the voucher at the bar;- The sound of shots given on the neck and slamming the bar. Music birthdays and sets "gift" deal George - in expired and John - in Room 2. You're "happy birthday" in the classic style Expired. Who was celebrated by us, know what I mean. Who does not, is expected to know, immediately. Time: 22:00Entrance: 10 lei - a shot includedKing Size Drinks: All Night Long073EXPIRAT | www.expirat.org

To avoid the lack of alcohol at the bar crowd please visit the following form. Your opinion matters and trying to inform the organizers of preferences / your suggestions.
Suggestions and complaints.
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