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Talking to the world of animals: Show "Rumble in the Jungle 'with Jimmy Tamley - the first time in Romania on November 3

03 Noiembrie 2013

RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE @ Palatul National al Copiilor Bucuresti

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"Rumble in the Jungle," will mean an unforgettable encounter with the world of the jungle, in the vision of Jimmy Tamley most appreciated ventriloquist puppet in Europe. On November 3, the National Children's Palace scene will be invaded by Pee Wee elephant, seal Slippy, gorilla Rufus, ostrich named Camilla and many other characters who make mischief in the jungle, animated Jungle Jim.
The show Jungle Jim - Rumble in the Jungle is an event comic, alert and very attractive visually. Therefore it is considered a type of entertainment suitable for all ages. Talent, but also a professional entertainment show JIMMY TAMLEY offers a captivating, charming and interesting for all fans: if a child will be hopelessly attracted to puppets, an adult will be able to take his eyes JIMMY ventriloquist.
JIMMY TAMLEY will take spectators, manual nabadaioasele puppets and borrowing the voice of numerous characters made tricks. And the kids will have a reason to delight: the presence on stage actress Nouria Nouri, the editor of "Save her Snow White" at Itsy Bitsy FM, which will fully representative of the position of the local host.
On November 3, the National Children's Palace will be two performances of the show Rumble in the Jungle, the first at 11 am and the second at 17.00. For the two showcases put on sale following categories of tickets:
Category VIP - 100 lei (date and picture of the artist and puppets, plus a surprise gift)General admission - 60 lei
Tickets are available in all BILETOO network. Items for sale can be found at Unirea Shopping Center (ground floor, entrance next to McDonald's), Truth and Eminescu bookstores, shops Diverta Flanco, Victoria, Music, Cinema Patria, Royal Palace, National Palace of Children. Those who want to order online, can do the www.Biletoo.ro, www.blt.ro, www.myticket.ro and www.bilete.ro.
About Jimmy TamleyWith an experience of over 30 years in the limelight, JIMMY TAMLEY fall into the category enterteinarilor gifts of rare and unusual to combine multiple forms of artistic expression: in one show, Jimmy put the top entertainment service that is ventriloquist, element highlighted by a flawless technique, the quality of puppet - master of puppets that animate handling performance - and, not least, native talent for comedy and equestrian tendency to skillfully concocted jokes and humor.
The performances that we have the protagonist is a perfect blend of technical skills, expressiveness and equestrian talent for comedy.
The Stage (UK): JIMMY TAMLEY ventriloquist exploit its capacity in a single human acquiring unusual leads to a point where it becomes downright fascinating.

About Nouria Nouri:Nouria Nouri graduated in Theatre - UNATC Bucharest in 2001. Her career meant artistic collaborations with many theaters in Bucharest and in the country, and involvement in many events for children, festivals and making television and radio programs for children or dubbing for cartoons. Seven years is the producer of the program "Save a Snow White!" the Itsy Bitsy FM, the first radio station for children in Europe. Earlier this year the actress has returned and position local host for the show "DisneyLive! Mickey's Magic Show."

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