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Event: Origami Sound 2 Years Anniversary Weekend

11 Aprilie 2014

Origami Sound 2 Years Anniversary Weekend @ Studio Martin

On April 13, 2012 , in Room 2 from Studio Martin was heard for the first time in Romania three unreleased tracks that would become emblematic for the year - TNGHT - Bugg'N , Baauer - Harlem Shake and Blawan - Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage . Were far from official data release , but we have proclaimed party "last fita " if you knew what to expect . Variety of music brought out since the first edition represent us in the same way that we represent techno Max Cooper or his Boddika , grime of the Bok Bok and Girl Unit , tribal madness of Clap ! Clap ! , Galloping by Canblaster , Sam Tiba serenades , rave or speedgarage Hostage reinvented the selection of the DJ EZ .

All the time we declared eclectic and we kept our word when we said we would still only music that does not know how to dance . I have done so far 23 parties , and with two consecutive editions of the anniversary fulfill two years and 25 events . All had three things in common : we have no warm- up or after - the world can come as early as not to miss any time and leave when they can not , the volume does not distinguish between artists in the line -up , everyone e headliner and especially all dance music that I 've heard from other parties ever .

We started from Martin , we have built a reputation in the old and new control , I went through Modern Collective , Guesthouse , workshop, or Spayer each party to give him personality and context.


We return to Studio Martin , Friday, April 11 , at 11 PM , with a line -up formibabil and as eclectic as everything we do : Sinjin Hawke , a constant presence in our sets ; Village crew artist of the fastest rising international and impressive ; Herne , founder and iconic resident of events Origami Sound and Remember Me you will have to discover it without you describe us.

Saturday April 12 , from 10 pm , make a new takeover of the club where we gather Control 10 artists in two rooms, each with a different vibe , a special setup and one international headliner . Panteros666 the team Bromance is the headliner and one of the most anticipated name in our circle of friends, who will be joined on location so new names as Fire or Dar Adal , and constant presence in our party and Arapaima emptor . Like last year if you arrive early will serve you with goodies as they do to any birthday is taken seriously.


1st Night - Studio Martin

• Sinjin Hawke
• Remember Me
• Herne

2nd Night - Club Control
• Panteros666
• calamansi
• Whiteworks
• emptor ( ARMS )
• Fire & But Adal
• Dj Slow
• Arapaima

1st Night - Studio Martin

• 10 RON - Before 00:00 - 20 Lei - After 00:00
2nd Night - Club Control
• 10 Lei - All night

• Friday, April 12, 2014 , 22:00 / Saturday , April 12, 2014 , 22:00
• Organizer: Origami Sound
• Press Accreditations : irina@origamisound.com

1st Night - Studio Martin
2nd Night - Club Control

To avoid the lack of alcohol at the bar crowd please visit the following form. Your opinion matters and trying to inform the organizers of preferences / your suggestions.
Suggestions and complaints.
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