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Operation shrub

29 Martie 2013


"Operation shrub" party @ Frame Club
Forests that once = party like old times.
Dj merge triggers extreme inner feelings in a night that we will remember the shade of trees planted by us. Your presence at the party is a tree planted in the Calimanesti, Olt Valley.


DJ Makanaky
www.soundcloud.com/ tudorneve
Www.soundcloud.com / aurorapatru

http://www.facebook.com/ blooniproject

Tone Tavi

Viorel Dragu
www.facebook.com / dj.viorel.dragu
www.mixcloud.com / viorel_dragu
www.soundcloud.com / viorel-dragu

FRESH Foundation of Kayafoundation
U.S. .. meets Raggatek

Visuals at HIS best:

From the old days: Frame extrasound Club + discount + drink

Fresh orange Afterparty (old key frame)

Donation: Sweet 15

Air miss.

Monday, April 1, those who can join us in a miniexcursie Calimanesti area to plant trees together. It can stay overnight, we provide a house with four rooms, some good music, plus a dj delicious.
Travel, accommodation, copaceii are paid by your presence at the party. You can sign up for the trip to the gate frame.

We call this the trip!

.................................................. .........................................

Tudor Neve --- DJ MAKANAKI ---
has Been hooked on electronic music for as long as he CAN remember, whether it is ambient, house or techno. Besides HIS job as a graphic designer, he's always Been interested in collecting it and since 2006 in the production and DJing. As a visual artist he has collaborated with labels Such as Plus 8, Understand, Arpiar or Nile. On the musical side, 2012 has Been a good year with the release of two EPs on My First Love Vibe Records and rhetoric. That besides, he has actively Been Involved in Bangalore based art collective inherit, hosting events, DJing and Promoting the group's artists. His musical influences range from Future Sound of London and Boards of Canada to Thomas Melchior, Baby Ford, Arpiar or Dial Records.
The love for the miracle of music comes from the family, being the brother of Djane Tudor Dew, a DJ with a deep knowledge of psychedelic sounds.

--- Bloon --- is alternative year project of DJ Latam, a psychedelic trance DJ Romanian.

Is the project coming from Romania, born late autumn 2011, although the idea was seeded and the name was decided months Earlier. It's the result of a FEW years of Experimenting with various genres and styles of electronic music, the listening of many albums, compilations and EPs, both classic and modern artists and labels, the studying of the history of most important and influential genres of electronic and Their Circumstances and social connection with the accumulating of a satisfactory level of knowledge and time to decide Taking this step. Mainly focusing on techno, house, electro and dub, consists just in DJing and mixing for now. Where Will lead and what paths the roads Will Be walked, Remains To Be Seen in the future.
He combines with the subtle rhythms technic Frequencies and Permanently connected with the cosmic elements, from the inside, to play with the tension of thoughts and feelings, in every shape of sound. With the spirit of poetry and alive, with love, compassion and deep concentration, as the concentration of energy inside the atom nucleus, Bloon AIMS HIS music to fertilize with the infinite time, and to seduce the physical space with metaphysical dimensions. It's all about the music.

--- TONE TAVI ---
Legendary figure of Romanian Underground scene, Tone Tavi is the founder member of renowned clubs from Bucharest or VamaVeche (Expired Vama Veche Club, Underworld Club, Suburbia, Shr00ms Vama Veche, Istanbul Cafe).
Also, through Shr00ms Events, Produced he appreciated many events, names Bringing That made an impact, many for the first time in Romania, like ParovStelar, Ursula 1000, Fort Knox Five, Jaya the Cat, True Ingredients, weeding Dub and many others.
Tone Tavi mixed in a large number of HIS career musical genres, from alternative rock, punk, ska, reggae, thru electrofunk, breaks, dnb, techno or electroswing.
He now mixes mostly techno and swing / electroswing / funk.
With the project SubHuman he explores psychedelic music, psybient, psychill mixed with triphop and desert music.
Also, he maintains HIS initial project, Tavinata, mixing under this alias "VamaVeche" music, while avoiding clichés. With this project he was invited in 2010 by ICR to Participate at the Romanian Festival of Culture at Kracow, Poland.

Mix of seven Techno, Tech House and Deep.
He started in a room full of dreams fulfilled and shared with people through Vibecast Sessions - Vibe radio show on Mix fm whose guest he was. In the summer of 2012 he became resident DJ of Café del Mar and Bar Bay in Ibiza.
He's ready release brings with him a boat party vibe, the parties unleashed and free summer.

--- U.S. [Kaya Foundation] ---


Root of the Romanian dub music to make a pirouette in young branches of raggatek community. Jump!
Reservations 0730 117703
Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/279809402151721/

To avoid the lack of alcohol at the bar crowd please visit the following form. Your opinion matters and trying to inform the organizers of preferences / your suggestions.
Suggestions and complaints.
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