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Still young and restless Episode 4018 ... that celebrated 11 years of Expirat

11 Aprilie 2013

ÎNCĂ TINERI ŞI NELINIŞTIŢI - 11 ani de Expirat @ Expirat Club

Price: intrarea libera


Still young and restless

Episode 4018 ... that celebrated 11 years of Expirat


/>Thursday, April 11, Expired celebrates 11 years of opening!


We meet on the set of Brezoianu 4 with favorite main characters, King Size Drinks, celebrities every Thursday evening, long drinks 0.6 liters to 0.3 liters price all night.


And how should we celebrate, we held a surprise appearance: the role not know what hit you at the entrance, waiting for you with a free voucher dual personality: Half of Young, Restless half.


Get Half young, Expired, shot as a specially prepared for the occasion and your sneakers scuffing the music of Matthew, Stephen, George C. and Coty.


Or come to "Shake Department" with half Anxious for a shot as anxious maniacs service where NotSoCommonDJ and The Basstard come with K-Lu ... AltOm and Meeloox to stage the most intense in history 8:00 exhalation.


Your presence is required!




K-Lu (Timisoara)

www.soundcloud.com / k-lu | www.youtube.com / vinylmic


another Man

www.mixcloud.com / altomro



www.soundcloud.com / meeloox



www.soundcloud.com / notso-commondj


The Basstard

www.soundcloud.com / basstardsro



www.expirat.org/dj-294-Stefan.html | www.mixcloud.com / stefananeculaesei







www.soundcloud.com / Coty


A film supported by King Size Drinks Night, the evening brings the most popular drinks expired in double gate every Thursday.


Neither a glass of screwdrivers. Vodka Tonic or Coke, Cuba Libre, Bloody Mary, Whiskey Cola, Gin Tonic, Campari Orange, Long Island Ice Tea, Mojito Cuban Style or Applesinth was hurt during filming.


free admission

Time: 22:00


To avoid the lack of alcohol at the bar crowd please visit the following form. Your opinion matters and trying to inform the organizers of preferences / your suggestions.
Suggestions and complaints.
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