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GOOD LUCK, CHUCK! - Mission "Mayan tobacco"Friday, December 21 @ Expirat

21 Decembrie 2012

GOOD LUCK, CHUCK! – Misiunea „Mayasul Tabacit” Vineri, 21 decembrie @ Expirat @ Expirat Club

Promoter: Other Side & Expirat
Genre: Muzica Electronica
Price: 10 lei - un shot inclus

GOOD LUCK, CHUCK! - Mission "Mayan tobacco"Friday, December 21 @ Expirat

It walks like Maya and theirs December 21 put bad thought mankind. How to date we have not exhausted the organized bedlam, nor do we intend to soon, we decided to take it personally. And it is possible to solve ...
Some time ago I woke Chuck Norris (a very nice guy, by the way) and after a considerable number of shots I convinced him to leave the reserve and to handle the masterplan Expired: Mission "Mayan tanning ". Our coordinator summoned shadow The Expendables, sent in acknowledgment, and on December 21 he will flee even faster by Guatemala to put points on the "Maya" and head out to the idea of ​​ending the calendar.
How Mr. Chuck likes only limited circumstances and time zone working in his favor always has time to appear as guest of honor at the party sending the mission. On December 21, in Expired. At 22:00 sharp (Chuck Norris never late), 2 bedroom (Chuck Norris needs space), 2 bars (Chuck Norris drink more shots at the same time), and overactive acting with bass in speakers (Chuck Norris does not dance to anything and does not charge other sounds) from Eko in expired and Stefan in Room 2.
Who you with humanity comes Brezoianu 4 man say to him "Good Luck Chuck" at the last, to draw the picture with him and make sure he's determined not missing in action ... again. Who keeps the bad guys, tread Expired own risk.
And if we come home all morning whole, means that Mayan was tanning ... forever.

Time: 22:00

Entrance: 10 lei - a shot included

Happy Hours: 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. - King Size Drinks

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