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Color will host the biggest set-up Crew Love this fall. Crew of Wolf + Lamb and Soul Clap comes in Bucharest on October 19, accompanied by their friends, Pillow Talk and No Regular Play.

19 Octombrie 2013

Crew Love @ Arenele Romane

Promoter: Color
Price: 30 Lei – înainte de 00:00 40 Lei – după 00:00

Color will host the biggest set-up Crew Love this fall. Crew of Wolf + Lamb and Soul Clap comes in Bucharest on October 19, accompanied by their friends, Pillow Talk and No Regular Play. 
Roman Arena will host the event with a special arrangement and decor created for this evening the crowd will surround the stage, under the heated tent. 
Americans Wolf + Lamb duo as dynamic Soul Clap will delight the audience back to back and one on one, and the guys in Pillow Talk and No Regular Play we will delight in exceptional live sets. 
Arenas on October 19 gates open at 22:00. Entrance fee will be £ 30 to £ 24.00 and 40 after. 

Crew Love has grown over many years, it now includes artists find the key members of the group, the manufacturers Wolf + Lamb. They along with Soul Clap have met along their musical journey and have decided to set up the dream team. Some parties tireless and creative center, which is Marcy Hotel in New York, these duos were reunited under impressive line-up of artists that make a clear statement in their musical mission and not afraid to leave their mark on it. 

Tie a love for music that exists beyond the typical dance music world - blues, indie rock, roots reggae, R 'n' B, hip hop - Crew Love crew playing with recordings produced and deeply melodic productions that feels rhythm ready made for the dancefloor. Whether it is as an outdoor parties on the coast of Barcelona, ​​in a garden at his best friend, an afternoon barbecue or a room full of strangers at 11, after a night on the town, the crew Crew Love makes you dance, day or night. 

/ / New York, U.S. 
/ / Wolf + Lamb Music 


Family heads, Wolf + Lamb (and indeed are a family - without contracts, serious business), Zev "Wolf" Eisenberg and Gadi "Lamb" Mizrahi started separately but came to live in common in their registry in New York Marcy Hotel. In winter, the gang moves to Miami where they become host showcases from Electric Pickle.As producers, Wolf + Lamb are known for their deep house slow, meditative, and their next album - working title based on a true story - will have "only two dance pieces. 

/ / Boston, U.S. 
/ / Soul Clap Records, Wolf + Lamb Music 





Eli "ELYTE" Goldstein and Charles "Cnyce" Levine live in an era funk, disco, new jack swing, to enter the state that helps to produce a dance-pop brilliant, absurd, found and their album debut EFUNK. "I grew up in the culture of hip-hop so I felt that this should be reflected in our work." Pushing their musical message on, proudly launched Soul Clap Soul Clap Records, a sounding original material, afunky frame for their family and a spotlight for undiscovered talents in their hometown Boston. called Vinyl To keep the torch lit, remove the label only on vinyl parts. completes Soul Clap Records, also now known as Trinity Crew Love. 

/ / San Francisco, U.S. 
/ / Wolf + Lamb Music, Life & Death 



Pillow Talk make music with all the necessary seriousness, inspired and wonderful original music. If you are trying to fix their sound then you said their motto of "BG" (Destroy All Genres - a term borrowed from a famous underground DJ from San Francisco). With influences ranging from the Beach Boys to Sam Cooke, from the Freddie Hubbard Harry Nilsson and Larry Heard Theo Parrish, is clearly visible that these people are ruled by the right side of their brain. The trio is still looking for their groove's true, but let their new EP "Lullaby" to submit properly: https://soundcloud.com/wolf-lamb/sets/pillowtalk-lullaby 

/ / New York, U.S. 
/ / Wolf + Lamb Music 




Students multi-instrumentalist, Minnesota Orchestra collaborators, Greg Paulus and Nick Debruyne are probably the most original act, Wolf + Lamb. Greg Paulus and Nick Debruyne met at age 8 in St. Paul, Minnesota, united by a mutual love, early, for legends of hip-hop and jazz and A Tribe Called Quest, J Dilla, Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Herbie Hancock. This connection deeply rooted, enable them to understand in a rare and profound. But the seeds of their development were indeed planted in 2006 when they attended a Wolf + Lamb party in New York, the Marcy Hotel. 

Wolf + Lamb 
Soul Clap 
Pillowtalk (Live) 
No Regular Play (Live) 

£ 30 - before 0:00 
£ 40 - after 0:00 

Date: Saturday, October 19, 2013, at 22:00 
Organizer: COLOR - www.coloring.ro 
Location: Roman Arenas 
Address: Str. Silver knife, no. 26th 
Acknowledgement / partnerships: alina@coloring.ro 
Information: mihai@coloring.ro 



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