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Event: BREAK THROUGH THE WALL ✦ metal fest ✦

28 Martie 2014

BREAK THROUGH THE WALL ✦ metal fest ✦ @ Fusion Arena

Day I
Hip- hop and AbSsent officers at MMC will open our festival rock . Young people already known to promote a hip- hop classic way , AbSsent combining this with the rock genre .
Alexander Drăgănoaia and Ady Lubin ( drummer ) we will warm the spirits than with a classic rock -folk . The famous rock -er Alexander, now on TV and OTV , ironically contemporary society and human stupidity .
Fresh lineup OpenMind ( progressive rock ) will take the stage in program order . Although newly formed , its members have played in bands enshrined as " LOST ", " Interitus Dei " or " Dies Irae " .
Have you ever thought about how it would be to swallow the sky ? Sky Swallows Challenger , a grunge band will try to show you ! Cluj know the name of heaven sing .
Already known heavy metal band Enduro announces its presence further . If you want to energize the way of hard & heavy metal guys at Enduro awaits you at the concert!

Day II
He came and when the death- ers lovers of the fair sex ( the majority ) will enjoy 2 Cluj death metal bands with female vocals .
Opus ruin irony sectarian church ( the only rock - ers " big Satan" in vision servants ) and the Headless us to sit down quietly , tuck the pogo risking ...

Ethernus interpret spiritual songs , complementing Dacian mythology by Christianity. Mihai Eminescu 's creation can be found in the band's songs with lyrics by Andrew - founder of the band. Myths wolves times the figure in eternity Dacians , 666, lends itself perfectly on the symphonic death metal comrades coming to sing in Satu Mare.
How to keep a musical evening with some thrash on board? Young people from Berserkers will show us how it is to die fighting , throwing yourself from enemies !
In the second part of the series enters its heavy metal - n powers! What could be better than a night of heavy metal?
Heavyweights from Cluj Vespera come to light the night with us! Rhythm guitar will sound modern metal .
Wolves wicked will be gentle as usual , drooping of the party 's high grades ! Lupu heavy metal band ' Evil come from Constanta to tell us what we are ... a very fresh band has experienced musicians (from " Magical " and " White Walls " ) .
Ten Times Treason invites you to appreciate a classic rock melody and complex .
New Age, a band already known for listeners show " Metal Clocks " ( moderator Michael Gafencu ) radio grid wall will end our musical program . Heavy metal is the law !
After each evening concert will be voted favorite band ( by raising Manutza and grunts ) . Finalists of the 2 nights we will give you a bonus concert , rock enthusiasm overwhelmed officers present. At the end of our event the two teams will face leaving a finalist .
About Radio Wall
At the end of 2013, the Director - Web.net portal with over 100,000 visitors per month , Radio wall position I place in the category News / Romanian media . Even if there are only a few hundred sites listed in this directory , the great majority being deleted www.radiozidul.ro not left position .
This is beneficial for Romanian contemporary society that is " clean " among pseudo - media sites , the remaining strong over the years.
We founded in 2010 and now radio wall organization prepare its days with my senior editor , Michael Gafencu . In the nearly 4 years 500,000 people could listen to the classic rock and spirituality to this post ( 100,000 listeners have accessed the official website , www.radiozidul.ro ) .
Over time , the average dedicated radio wall partners have been shown to be Nationalist.ro and the group of medium alone , in addition to the group average wall . We work constantly with the boys from Berserkers , our favorite band ( thrash metal) .
Radio Wall has 60% female listeners , the city is the most listened Bucharest announces the surveys by Facebook. People from 54 countries come to listen to our radio music , Geovisit giving Romania the first place , followed by United Villages , third place on Moldova .
We expect to break out the champagne together in 2020, when we celebrate a decade of radio wall , with God's help and yours !
Media partners
Nothing is possible without the support of our colleagues in the media. Without information and communication life ( civilization ) is not possible !
My Heroes in the press are :
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