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Atma - 20 Years Of Electronic Music (jubilee party) December 15, 2012 at 23:00

15 Decembrie 2012

Atma - 20 Years Of Electronic Music (jubilee party) 15 decembrie 2012 la ora 23:00 @ Studio Martin

Promoter: Thrancians: romanian psychedelic & goa trance organization
Genre: Muzica Electronica
Price: 20/25 lei

Saturday December 15, 2012 you are invited to a special event: anniversary party Atma - 20 Years Of Electronic Music in Studio Martin, Bucharest. At fixed 1 year and a few days after the launch party of the third album in the same location Atma and starring with him on the same DJ Latam and DJane Dew, plus DJ Barbaleku and Miss Videopion to prepare something special for the visual. Last year we had a wonderful party, we hope to be the same and now even more. We invite you to dance!

ATMA livehttp://facebook.com/atmastudiohttp://soundcloud.com/atma_studiohttp://myspace.com/atmastudio
DJ Latamhttp://facebook.com/djlatamhttp://mixcloud.com/djlatamhttp://soundcloud.com/djlatam
DJane Dewhttp://facebook.com/djanerouahttp://soundcloud.com/rouahttp://mixcloud.com/roua
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December 15, 2012 h23: 00Studio Martin, Bucharest (Iancu de Hunedoara, 61)
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20 RON to enter H00: 00/25 RON after H00: 00
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Thrancians: Romanian psychedelic & goa trance Organizationhttp://facebook.com/thrancians

One of the pioneers of electronic music in Romania and Eastern Europe, Andrew Oliver Brasovean aka Atma began producing techno in 1992. After several years of experience and find a direction and a style they represent, their work focuses on psychedelic and goa trance. Since the release of his first album in November 2006 Atma has traveled the world with his music in countries like Austria, Serbia, Germany, Greece, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal, Turkey, Hungary, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Chile Poland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, England, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Denmark, Northern Ireland, Slovenia, Lithuania. He brought so far 3 albums, "Beyond Good & Evil" from American label Geomagnetic.tv, "The Secrets Of Meditation" from the German-English label Yellow Sunshine Explosion and "Music Revolution" on German label BMSS. This year marks 20 years since he started to play with sounds, an opportunity to launch anniversary in November EP "The Wheel Of Time" on famous label Planet BEN With a unique style and unmistakable, full of energy and melody, Atma creates vibrations on the dance floors at every opportunity.

DJ Latam began playing music at a party in 2004, and after several years of practice and accumulated knowledge about what work means DJ and encouraged that things went steadily up, decided to abandon any business and devote himself to music and parties. The preferred style when psy mix is ​​a much Fullon goa groove and roots and can vary depending on the profile party, public, location, line-up and time May progressive mix between a sound and a more atmospheric or psychedelic. Has numerous events in Romania, plus international trips to festivals and parties in countries like England, Portugal, Hungary, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine. It is also involved in organizing and promoting events and artists by Thrancians organization and association Spacesheep, the co-organizer of the festival Waha and ReBirth.

Dew discover quite surprising in the context of everyday reality broke in late 1999 a music style that falls: goatrance. Slowly this genre universe begins to unfold: friends, festivals, travel, parties, a new vision of life. And what dreams come true since 2003 through the association Spacesheep engage in organizing various parties that have a soul and therefore this music just gets to play in various clubs and outdoor venues. Known publicly in Bucharest and Romania, May mixes all important profile national events as well as several international trips very popular in countries like France, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine. Style: Fullon / melodic Fullon.

Barbaleku began playing with disks and mixer in 2002 in friends' homes, and in 2007 he started to play music and public events. Known for his style different, he ventures usually hyper-positive area's psytrace funkedelic groovy alternative. In Romania he played at all major psy events and is often present at parties, being invited to mix in countries such as Finland, Canada, Bulgaria. For party at Martin is preparing to show us his funky progressive psy side.
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