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Alternosfera, Fusion ARENA CONCERT Friday, September 27, 2013, after 22:00.

27 Septembrie 2013


Genre: Rock

Alternosfera , Moldovan rock band , will perform a concert for the first time in an indoor skatepark at FUSION ARENA ( Strada Traian Popovici , Nr . 79-91 ) . The event is scheduled for Friday, September 27, 2013 , after 22:00 .
With two albums released in the last year , Altered is currently one of the most powerful forces both in Moldova and in Romania . Comma episode , both part of a triptych called even conceptual episode , were supported by promotional tours that have gathered over 50,000 spectators .
Fans can listen Alternosfera Friday so new songs from the album episode - Solitude , Gagarin 's granddaughter , Roads π ( unknown ) and well-known Wamintirile , May Flowers , 511, rains do not come , move, etc. Drop me .
Altered means : Marcel Bostan (vocals, keyboards) , Marin Nicoară (guitar , keyboards ) , Aladin Sergey (guitar , keyboards ), Victor Cosparmac (bass ) and Anatoly Pugaci (drums ) .
Altered was founded in 1998. Over the years , the band changed its composition , having only 2 people in the original formula , Marcel and Marin . In the early years the band was looking for theme and style , experimenting with different instruments , gain experience and record the first demos .
The first album "City 511 " was released in May 2005 and the album name comes from No.511 garage , where the band had their rehearsal room . The album includes the song " Wamintirile " song that has " invaded " radio and television stations in Romania .
Two years later, Altered launches " Dreamers lead the eye or last letter to Nordic woman ." This put an album Altered lyrical romanticism period in his creation and in the autumn of 2008 , launches EP " Flowers in the Mariana Trench ."
The album " comma " , launched in 2012 , is the first part of a triptych Alternosfera conceptual band called the episode , which includes 3 CDs . In March 2013 the band released the album episode (second part of the triptych ) .
The concept of this triptych revolve around the most important and famous mathematical constant PI ( π ) . Been shrouded in mysticism , the constant π , due to its relationship with nature circle , orb and the universe is inseparable . Episode concept aims to become inseparable from the universe Alternosfera his audience .
Roads π (unknown) - song , which opens the album episode - http://youtu.be/UVLce3FDAmA

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