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ALTERNATIVE - every Wednesday @ Expired On March 27 MONKEY violence in concert

27 Martie 2013

Alternativa VIOLENT MONKEY @ Expirat Club

Alternative riffs lost in the jungle, where he found a band of runaway Newcomer - VIOLENT MONKEY. Wednesday, March 27 monkey see together how to behave on stage in Expired.

VIOLENT MONKEY is a mindset London-Bucharest axis, which translates into Funk'n'Roll freshly picked and carefully peeled. Monkey moves on Christian music - vocals, guitar Michael - Bass, vocals, synthesizer and Boddy - drums. They imitate what I hear, reinterpret and recompose songs full of energy and strength that you think you heard somewhere.
Their sound is a playground of agreements and influential Motown, Funk, Electronic and Hardcore sound without malicious attack, in order to make the ear. Perhaps this love and a monkey. Violent Monkey found generally where waves bears and March 27 are in Expired. Mind the Monkey!


After the concert, Stefan handle music playlists: Alt. Rock, Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Ska Punk, Grunge, Post-Grunge, britpop, Shoegazing, Post-Punk Revival, seasoned with a bit Core Rap, Alternative Metal and Sludge.

And to work better concerts, to get better riffs and better keep pace, every Wednesday in Expired beer and shots have special price. We're Grolsch from 6 to 5 lei lei and Tequila's shot (complete with salt, lemon and necessary).

Time: 22:00
Free admission! Support your local bands!
Happy Hours: 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. - King Size Drinks
Track progress on www.expirat.org Alternative or www.facebook.com / expirat.otherside.

To avoid the lack of alcohol at the bar crowd please visit the following form. Your opinion matters and trying to inform the organizers of preferences / your suggestions.
Suggestions and complaints.
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