Wednesday, May 22, we prepare for a new edition alternative date.

22 Mai 2013

ALTERNATIVA 22 Mai 2013 @ Expirat Club

Price: Intrare Libera

We leave this week and microphones in nail abstain from concerts but stay connected to what's happening with the independent rock, both locally and internationally.
Stefan takes care of the music throughout the evening, with most classic or fresh selections: Alt. Rock, Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Ska Punk, Grunge, Post-Grunge, Britpop, Shoegazing, Post-Punk Revival, seasoned with NITEL Core Rap, Alternative Metal and Sludge.
As every Wednesday in the date you expect to Grolsch 6 lei and 5 lei Tequila's shot (with the salt, lemon and those needed).

To avoid the lack of alcohol at the bar crowd please visit the following form. Your opinion matters and trying to inform the organizers of preferences / your suggestions.
Suggestions and complaints.
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