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20 Martie 2013

ALTERNATIVA 20 martie @ Expirat Club

ALTERNATIVA - every Wednesday @ Expired

On March 20 the | RUM | in concert


Wednesday March 20, continue digging underground alternative bands after us with potential. This week on the stage of Expired wine | RUM | - one of the freshest in Bucharest landscape.


| RUM | begins to exist as a band in July of 2012 and included: Alexandra - vocals, Andrew - guitar, Daniel - bass, Robert - keyboards / synthesizer and Cata - drums.

May jokingly, half seriously, their music speaks of life, love and the absence of it, the challenges of all kinds and, not least, about the need to change mindsets. Without resorting to musical genres and influences to give a definition | ENG | sounds and quiet, and aggressive, when and where should a natural progression and impact.

In 2013 the band occupies the first studio recording tracks and two videos nationally band communication by as many present on stage.




After the concert, Stefan handle music playlists: Alt. Rock, Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Ska Punk, Grunge, Post-Grunge, britpop, Shoegazing, Post-Punk Revival, seasoned with a bit Core Rap, Alternative Metal and Sludge.


And to work better concerts, to get better riffs and better keep pace, every Wednesday in Expired beer and shots have special price. We're Grolsch from 6 to 5 lei lei and Tequila's shot (complete with salt, lemon and necessary).


Time: 22:00

Free admission! Support your local bands!

Happy Hours: 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. - King Size Drinks

Track progress on www.expirat.org Alternative or www.facebook.com / expirat.otherside.

To avoid the lack of alcohol at the bar crowd please visit the following form. Your opinion matters and trying to inform the organizers of preferences / your suggestions.
Suggestions and complaints.
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