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About us

Who is the BEST EVENT.ro?

BEST-EVENT.ro is a complex site that was founded in the summer of 2008 in an effort to widely publicized musical and cultural events taking place all over Romania.

What is our brand?
The site seeks to engage directly in the lives of people / youth Pooling all under one brand: BEST EVENT.ro.
What is the target audience of the BEST EVENT.ro?
We call on people aged over 16 years, both urban and rural.

What is the BEST mission EVENT.ro?
Our mission is to reach the most popular means of information online.

We have a vision!
   Www.best-event.ro site is intended to be the most credible and effective means of online information in the field, while promoting local events nationwide under the best web site in Romania.
The way young people spend their leisure, entertainment and age-specific actions are captured through photos and video reports, representing novelty obtained by the professionalism of our teams are in the thick of things, actively participating.
What we find on the site?
Social events, photo galleries, music, promo SMS service, cultural information, news, presentations of clubs, bars, cafes, fashion events, multimedia, online radio, community forums, online advertising, etc..
The site is in continuous development and will expand information on several categories, giving users the widest possible range of information to keep them abreast of everything that is happening in the music industry domestic and foreign - events mundane of each city in terms of culture and fun.

Începe luna septembrie cu o plimbare La pas pe Calea Victoriei! Maraton cultural de Zilele Bucureștiului,  în Piața Constituției din Capitală! Festivalul Ambasadelor 2018 @ ARCUB și Parcul Titan | 3-9 septembrie Balkanik Festival 8 DAVID GARRETT   ”EXPLOSIVE LIVE” @  București | 13 si 14 septembrie 2018

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