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A journey across the magic world of K-nto reveals a truly soulful manner of playing quality sophisticated house grooves.
Cristian Oprea is better known as "K-nto" by Romanian house fans. He got involved in producing music - funky and jackin' house - in september 2010, and he still is a recent appearence for this kind of public. His first encounter with music took place around the age of 3, when he used to dance to Vanilla Ice, Snap and Technotronik. It's well known that dancing and music go hand in hand, therefore Cristian became national champion in 2005 and world champion in 2007, after eleven years of breakdancing.
K-nto felt he had something to say through his music in december 2010, while attending an after party along with Phil Weeks , Dot and AWD House. His musical-trip build up easely, starting with mixing for friends, later on collaborating with Chemars, Narcis, TBF, Romar, Alex Picone, Summed & Dot, Bogshian, Analogcops and Edy & Levii, in their Vinyl Speed Adjust project. He is known for such songs as "Easy life" from Claphouse Recordings, "Crying in the sea" released in 2010, by Ginko Music and "Think about", realeased on "Gansta Sampler", by the French label "Funk Mansion, in the summer of 2010.
K-nto's music is a mix of classic jazz, disco and hip hop samples with funky basslines and strong beats combining with new sounds.His mixes go from disco deep funky house to jackin.
Contact here : playmws@gmail.com

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