Artist: DJ Noi Doi

DJ Noi Doi

Nume real: Nicu si Robert

Data nașterii: 0000-00-00

NoiDoi are Nicu and Robert, two extremly talented youngsters based in Bacau, Romania.

Finding inspiration and advice from their older and much more experimented fellows Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu and Raresh, NoiDoi put up all the effort to build a studio and got deep to work with electronic music.


Their debut came in 2009, when they released three EPs: two at the label Material Series and one at Fear of Flying. The electronic music scene was very open to receive this fresh wave of music and energy, so NoiDoi started playing on a regular base locally and internationally. Performing live acts and DJ sets, the boys stopped in clubs like Rashomon (Rome), Kings (Livorno), Divina (Milano), Link (Bologna), Kristal (Mamaia and Bucharest), Zebra (Bacau) and No Name (Timisoara).


The year 2010 came with few more production signed by NoiDoi at famous european labels like Oslo, Barraca Music and Love Letters from Oolso. With such an enthusiasm, hard work and obvious talent, NoiDoi are two artists to be followed and enjoyed.

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